The UN – a Stronghold of Anti-Semitism

The UN - a Stronghold of Anti-SemitismReport: Anti-Semitism, Anti-Zionism and hatred toward Jews, supported by a number of governments, have become a growing tendency worldwide over the past decade, says a report on Contemporary Global Anti-Semitism, prepared by the Office of the Special Envoy for Monitoring and Combating Anti-Semitism and presented to the U.S. Congress.

My Response: As a matter of fact, this is how it should be, because the UN represents all nations of the world, which, according to Kabbalah, consists of Israel and other nations.

Baal HaSulam. Introduction to the Book of Zohar, item 66:
Everything divides into two parts: internality and externality:
Humanity: Israel and the nations of the world.
Israel: the workers of the Creator and those who don’t work for the Creator.
The workers of the Creator: Kabbalists, and those who merely carry out the actions of the Torah.
The nations of the world: the righteous and the destroyers.
Everyone from Israel: the “point in the heart” and the “heart.”
If a person from Israel elevates his externality above his internality, he causes the nations of the world to overcome Israel.
If a person from Israel elevates his internality above his externality, he causes the nations of the world to recognize the value of Israel.

Therefore, in this situation, everything depends entirely on the Jews. If they begin to fulfill their mission toward the world, which is to disclose the method of spiritual and corporeal attainment, then the world will value and love the Jews. Otherwise, the more the world suffers, the worse it will act toward them.

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