As If in a Vacuum

125Comment: In Kabbalah, unlike other methods, a person is constantly given a choice. In other places, he gets into an environment that suppresses him. And here he is free to leave even after five years.

My Response: In the process of practicing Kabbalah, a person is always thrown out of its study, and he must strengthen himself again and look for the goal every minute.

It constantly disappears because every minute for him is a point in the path that does not have its own direction, and he must look for a vector again at every step so as not to turn in the other direction. In order to always move in a straight line, he needs to find a direction at each point of it.

He builds his own way. There is no ready way at all! As in outer space, whether you are there upside down, horizontally, or vertically, it doesn’t matter how, you don’t have any landmarks, you have to check and choose them yourself every time. And every minute! You can’t get a foothold, take some corner, and walk along it. There is nothing to measure from!
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. The Difference between Kabbalah and Other Methods” 9/8/12

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