A Man and a Woman—Creator and Creation

281.01Question: What parallels can be drawn between the relationship of a man and a woman compared with the Creator and the creation?

Answer: All the movements, connections, rapprochements, and distancing that exist between the Creator and the creation happen between a man and a woman because these states in spirituality are the source of gender separation in our world.

In the beginning, there was no world at all, no humanity, and no separation of people. They appeared precisely because the Creator created the creation—something that receives from the Creator.

The Creator is considered a masculine force, creative and developing. Creation is a female force, receiving, multiplying, and expanding, which, by its development, comes to the perception of the Creator and the desire to become one with Him. It is in the purpose of creation.

In the corporeal world in our biological protein bodies, this is realized on the earthly level. Correct implementation at the protein level is also necessary for the entire creation at all its levels in order to come to the correct state. There is nothing beyond this unity.

Therefore, Kabbalah, studies this unity in forces and understands everything that happens in nature at all levels—between people, between parts of nature, and in human society—and that a person, based on his nature, creates all kinds of political, economic, commercial, family, and other systems.

Kabbalah is a universal wisdom because it operates with the most universal things: two forces, the Creator and creation. It explains how they gradually, through a hierarchy, descend through the four worlds, form our world, and in it, reach the same realization. Everything is very simple.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. A Man and a Woman, an Eternal Orgasm” 6/16/12

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