“Bread and Circuses”

293Question: Where is the line between destruction and education? Let’s say a person has some qualities that he uses to the detriment of others.

Answer: As long as people have all kinds of egoistic problems, they act in this way. What can we do?! People are like people. Do you think they have been changing for millennia? A person remains the same, only his egoism is slightly modified. Do they not want bread and circuses in our time as in ancient Rome? Nobody changes! Nobody.

Let’s say today we live in peace and friendship with everyone, everything is blooming; tomorrow the whole world will turn into a pack of dogs fighting with each other. In an instant there will be Mussolinis and Hitlers!

It will be natural, they will be supported by millions, if not billions. All this does not disappear anywhere in a person.

Sometimes the waves overlap one another, nothing more.

Now we are approaching the state when for the first time we will begin to seriously change and an inverse change of the world will begin, as it is said: “I saw the opposite world.”
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call, Bread and Circuses” 4/27/13

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