Optical Illusion

506.2Our perception of the world and the feeling of life is contained in desire. Desire is the only thing that was created. It lives in itself and feels everything within itself.

It feels in two formats. Part of the picture is presented to it as itself and the other part is in the form of the outside world.
This is how we perceive ourselves and the environment in our split desire, internal and external, us and the surrounding.

The picture of reality is divided into circles that expand from the inside out: soul, body, immediate environment, distant environment. In fact, all this is sensation and it exists in me, inside my desire.


  • If I want to change the world, then I need to change my desire. The sensation of the world depends on it, and in general the world is what is felt in it.
  • The world that seems to me external is an illusion. It’s all in my desire, only I don’t feel it right now.
  • I relate to part of myself as something alien and extraneous, to nature and humanity, and, as a result of this attitude, I suffer. I myself do not know what harm I am doing to myself by the chimera of the outside world.

This is a mistake, an optical illusion! It would seem that strangers are in front of me who can be neglected.

But in reality, I simply do not realize that I am thereby bringing troubles and problems to myself. But my whole life is filled with this. What a terrible, distorted perception of reality.

The science of Kabbalah is designed to unite my shattered parts. I am not capable of it myself, but I can ask the light to come and correct my soul. Then I will see a single reality, a single desire, and in it a single Kli and a single light.

On the way to this goal, we try to direct ourselves to unity. By reading The Book of Zohar, I simply have to constantly bring myself to the feeling of peace within myself. Whatever is said, it’s all in me, all these are my forces, desires, and qualities.

All the spiritual worlds are in a person, there is nothing outside of him. There is no need to divide the world into internal and external. All this is one Kli.

With this in mind, we cause ourselves to be exposed to light, which connects the parts of our perception with each other.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/1/10 “The Book of Zohar

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