Changing The Perception Of The World

197.01Question: In our world, we do not see with our eyes but with our brain. The eyes receive light and transmit it through the optic nerves to the brain, and it draws all the images. That is at least what scientists believe. And how does it work in spirituality?

Answer: In spirituality, it works not in the brain but in our desires. Desires are practically dispersed throughout the physical body and are controlled by our senses (hearing, sight, taste, smell, and touch).

In addition, desires can develop, they depend on the person, and they can be controlled. In this way we can influence ourselves and other people.

In our world, we receive information through our eyes, it passes into the brain behind which there is an egocentric perception of the world. Therefore, we see only those images that our egoistic desires leave.

And the spiritual world is a world of inverse, altruistic desires. We get a completely different picture—in the reflected light, as it is called—to the extent that we can be in connection opposite to our egoism. This completely changes perception.

Question: But as long as a person lives in a biological body, even if he acquires an altruistic vision of the world, does he still continue to see everything through the five corporeal senses?

Answer: Yes, the spiritual sense is an addition to corporeal senses.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 9/10/21

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