How Can Earthquakes Be Stopped?

712.02Question: A 1.4 magnitude earthquake that occurred recently in Berlin during a performance by a British rock band. There is speculation that the people jumping and dancing at the concert caused the earthquake.

Can people jumping, dancing, and clapping cause earthquakes?

Answer: Of course not. But if we all want it at the same time, then maybe we will cause it.

Question: Without even jumping?

Answer: Without even jumping. And what does jumping have to do with it? If even seven or eight billion people jumped on the surface of the Earth now, nothing would happen.

But if in our desire to connect, we just sit and think together that our globe will help us a little and support us somehow, then it will work. If we want to, our thoughts can definitely do it. Common thoughts can stop an earthquake. There is nothing stronger than people’s thoughts if they think together.

Question: Does this require all of humanity to think about it?

Answer: At least some part of it, a serious part.

Question: Suppose there is an earthquake somewhere (many already occur). It happens spontaneously; no one knows how to stop it. You say that thought is the most powerful thing in the world. If we start thinking how to stop this earthquake and we all think about it, will it stop?

Answer: I am sure the answer is yes.

Question: So what are we dealing with?

Answer: We are dealing with the forces of nature. If we launch a force against the one that is currently acting, but one level higher (one level higher is still a person, a person’s mind, a person’s desire, etc.) and if people unite mentally and remove their egoism—the main thing is to be together and to unite in internal common movement in order to save the planet—then naturally it will have an effect.

Question: And earthquakes stop?

Answer: Please, let’s check.

Comment: To check this would require a general agreement.

My Response: So why do we have the UN, UNESCO, and other organizations?

Comment: Everything would exist precisely for this purpose, in order to unite humanity in thoughts about something.

My Response: With this method we could balance absolutely everything.

Comment: You say that all means of communication and all these organizations were created only for one thing: to unite humanity and direct it to some problem in order to eliminate it.

My Response: Yes. And as a result, while we never expected, never thought, and never could guess, we will discover a special meaning in connection. And it is thanks to our egoistic revelations.

Question: That is, egoistically I need to stop the earthquake. And is this a discovery?

Answer: Yes.

Question: You say that we think about it together and it stops. And is it the same with all the problems of the world? Including wars?

Answer: Absolutely everything. Of course.

Comment: It is an invisible power. They don’t see it.

My Response: But all the forces, the most special and the highest—they are invisible.

Comment: One should somehow believe in it. That’s the whole point.

My Response: We must not believe, but rather proceed toward it, and by gradually organizing ourselves and coming closer to making an impact on such a force, we will find that it really exists, and that connection works.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/23/22

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