Treatment With The Meaning Of Life

198Question: People who turn to psychotherapists for the most part believe that they are losing the meaning of life. Therefore, in psychotherapy there is a whole branch of methods in which all kinds of religious dogmas, theories, and insights are very actively involved.

The well-known psychotherapist Viktor Frankl, a Holocaust survivor who was imprisoned in a concentration camp, treated many people there and gave them the feeling that everyone’s life has some purpose. By redirecting this vector in the right direction, a person suddenly comes to life even in the most terrible conditions.

What is your opinion on therapy with the meaning of life?

Answer: I do not know what criteria you use in order to convince a person that there is meaning in his life.

Religion speaks of the meaning of suffering in the following way: “Here you will suffer, there you will receive a reward.”

And Kabbalah says that a person must rise to such a level during his lifetime—and this fits every person—in order to feel and understand that all suffering is not suffering at all, meaning that we transform them into pleasures. Naturally, this depends on our point of view. We understand that all this is psychology and nothing more.

Kabbalah does not belong to religions. It does not name some special higher powers, but real forces of nature. It names the highest forces of nature the Creator: the Creator of nature, the crown of nature, etc., but nothing more, without attributing any dogmas or anything else. That is, everything is inside a person.

This attitude does not depend on any confessions or nationalities. All that is needed is the desire of a person and the influence of the right team on him.

First, you need to create such an environment and slowly, using it as a laboratory, as a test bench, introduce people there. And the team will process them correctly. It is possible. Moreover, it is a very fast and relatively easy technique.

We know the strength of the influence of the environment on a person. It has been sufficiently studied, and everyone uses it, from secret government services to everyone else, both at school and everywhere.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah and Psychology”

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