The Spring Keeps Unwinding

Dr. Michael LaitmanAll the laws of our existence, everything that happens in a thousand different situations occurs only for the purpose of attaining similarity to nature, a gradual process that leads a person to the goal by the chain of cause and effect. There is nothing more than this because from the very beginning, it all came from a higher decision that the desire to receive pleasure must attain the form of bestowal “from absence.”

So when you make yourself correspond to this law, it means that you’ll end up in the best possible state. And to the extent that you do not correspond to it, you’ll suffer, according to the level of your development. A person who is not very developed does not suffer very much. But when he develops without observing the law of correspondence of qualities according to his level, his suffering will increase. Nature punishes us according to this, as a judge who sees everything.

Nature is the same Creator, the same law of correspondence that stands before us. There is no other Creator, higher desire, or plan. All of this already existed in the actual point of creation where the decision was made, and since then it has just been carried out. It’s as if these two main opposite forces, bestowal and reception, have wound up a spring, and it has started unwinding, bringing them closer to one another.

Change happens because man himself changes and begins to see the world differently. After all, in reality, we live in the world of Infinity. But there is a law of nature that to the extent I correspond to this law of nature, to that extent I see everything as more perfect because I myself have become more perfect. All of nature is being revealed inside me and nowhere else. It’s not possible to step forward towards balance, connection, and similarity in qualities and feel bad inside. This does not happen!

But if I do not take this step forward while the mechanism keeps working, the spring will continue to unwind, and the meter will move one more point. That is, my delay will continue to increase, and I will naturally feel worse. There are no loopholes here; this is an absolute law. When you are closer to observing it, you’ll gain more, and further from it, you’ll lose more.

Why do I take good steps and feel worse? I will feel worse inside only from the thought that I do not give enough, that I have not reached a greater connection yet. This is referred to as the suffering of love. In this sense, we’ll really continue to suffer more: the more we advance, the greater perfection we’ll feel, and the more we’ll feel a lack of perfection. Like a scientist who searches for a lost micro particle and is unable to relax until he solves a discrepancy that he considers to be a world problem, while at the same time, another person lives in peace without any concern for its existence. Every person perceives according to his degree.

That’s why advancement will make us feel good changes in both the corporeal world and in every other aspect. We won’t need to feel the evil because nature will not need to push us through suffering. We’ll only feel: “Why haven’t I reached a greater connection yet,” the suffering from love, pulling us forward! This is the internal suffering that comes at the same time as the sensation of one’s good advancement—the Light.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/2/2011, Rabash’s article

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