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Dr. Michael LaitmanNo person was born without a reason, and, of course, no person received spiritual awakening for his own purposes. In the spiritual world, one person does not count, the whole system does.

This is why every person has to always ask himself: “How do I help fix the common interconnection? How do I convey my awakening to my friends? How do I participate in the search for the common program in the revelation of the Creator between us? How does He connect us?”

In the end, we will discover that we are in a single system, a single connection, a single function, and the upper force exists within us equally under all conditions. Then, we will reach the wholesome and perfect state of the world. Together, we will unite with this force specifically because it involves us equally and simultaneously.

The flaws that are revealed in our lives are the flaws of the program of the universe that must now manifest. We discover evil, pain, confusion, and disorder in the darkness that covers it. This allows us to do an exact diagnosis in the same way a doctor diagnoses an illness. The Creator bares the symptoms before us through disasters and problems.

So, let us have enough reason and feeling, enough preparation, and mainly, mutual support to recognize the essence of these events. When I feel pain, when I get angry at someone and do not wish to see them, when I justify myself, proving to myself that I am right and everyone else is wrong, then I need to understand that I am confused by the same desires and thoughts that are not yet corrected for connection with the common system.

I should not run from them. I need to work with them properly until I create a completely correct attitude toward others, beginning with close friends and relatives, and ending with the people I hate most, those who are distant and opposite to me.

As it is written: “Love covers all transgressions.” We scream about “love thy neighbor” not because we are kind-hearted. Real love is mutual inclusion between us, without any differences, with the purpose of joining the force that activates us, the program that must become revealed between us in an analog form outside of time and space, connecting all of us into one. We must use all available methods to explain this to the world. This is our work in between conventions.

I hope that we will be better united during the lessons. I really recommend reading my blog, regardless of the repetitions. There, I provide the opinions of many scientists and professionals, and this does its job: It enables us to connect to the world. We need this.

Today, we must feel the desires and the pain of the world, their impressions and feelings about the crisis, and use it always to look for ways to explain, influence, and slightly sweeten the pain of people, without calming them down, and instead, show them the correct way to view their problems. This work will require a lot of time, and we must do it.
From the 7th lesson at the Toronto Convention 9/18/11

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  1. How do I explain to someone who is distant with their family, that it is their fault? What if it isn’t their fault. That person may love everyone, but if the family is dysfunctional and chooses to alienate themselves from others through hatred, there is nothing this person can do about it. That is not their choice to make, to love someone or not. Those dysfunctional family members are the ones who have to choose that one their own. Also, I wouldn’t want to recommend to someone who was abused verbally by someone, to “enable” the behavior. I don’t mean hate the abuser, but letting them be a victim seems wrong to me.
    What I mean is you can love people all you want, but you cannot choose for them or force them to love you back. Seems to me, that is their work to do and they have to make that on their own in order for it to be authentic.

  2. bravo

  3. The point of perception of reality in the connection, of love coverning all sins, seems extremely poignant in one recent event in particular. Though noted in other ways, a stark point, obvious — and by my reckoning at least — incredible — has not been noted.

    Rav was given the podium at UNESCO — in the United Nations! When I got it, it hit like a ton of bricks — it was impossible!

    An Israeli, representing an Israeli organization that does not claim to be on the far Left and fighting the “Zionist regime,” was given a podium at the United Nations — for anything! Is it just me, or doesn’t the reality we perceive at present say that this is about as natural right now as Rav being given the floor by Hamas, Stalin’s Kremlin, or the Third Reich.

    Can this really happen — this glimpse into love covering hate. This glimpse seems stark, so stark. I hadn’t felt this way since I once attempted a statistical analysis in 2003, of the death and injuries numbers attributed to the Iraqi missle bombardment of Israel two decades back. Based upon the statistics of the Iran/Iraq “War of the Cities” about 3 years prior to that, adjusting for the lower payloads on the Al Husseini scuds, and assuming a Gaussian (“Bell-Shaped”) distribution, I got a ratio match between the actual vs. expected death and injuries within a factor of ten, of percentages so far out past the decimal point that I dare not mention it here for fear of looking insane.

    And this is how I felt when I heard about Rav at UNESCO. Maybe I’m clueless on politics, I’m no political scientist. But I remain astounded.

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