Principles And Advice From The Daily Lesson – 9.21.2011

Dr. Michael LaitmanDesire is what was created as existence from absence, as opposite to the Creator. Yearning is what the vessel must develop on its own. This yearning is the creature.

To the degree to which one builds the environment, he opens its influence upon him. The more a person invests in the environment, the more it becomes valuable to him and therefore, he opens to its influence back on him. With its help, a person builds means for advancement towards the goal of creation against his or her desire and thereby completes his or her effort.

No one can advance on his own fuel; I cannot awaken if not for those who surround me and therefore, I need to influence them so that they awaken me. In the end, one is bound with others so much that he awakens them and they awaken him, each takes everyone’s reward and no one lacks anything. And this is the perfect completion of the effort.

If one aims himself at “Israel, the Light, and the Creator are one,” then in this effort he really discovers his resistance for correction. And if facing it a person nevertheless discovers some sort of willingness for advancement in “zigzag,” this is called building the environment that will influence his advancement towards the goal. In it, he reveals an additional yearning on top of the desire that the Creator created in him.

All of our advancement amounts to a greater connection, bonding with everyone. This is the state in which spirituality can be attained, and we need to come together so strongly that it will shine inside the pressure between us. This pressure is built as a result of us all working against our egos and wanting to come together against it. And then these two opposed forces create a spark, the Light, fire.

In all our egotistic advancement thus far, we related to the environment only under condition: to give as little as possible and receive as much as possible from the environment, with the least possible effort. But in the integral system being revealed today in the world, one needs to awaken the whole world for completeness, for connection—and by doing so ensure fulfillment for everyone.

Preparation for the lesson

The Creator is revealed in everyone’s strive for spirituality—the assembly of Israel.

Everything described in The Zohar deals with the types of connection between us. A variety of phenomena are being revealed in the network of connection that is manifesting between us, and this is what The Zohar speaks of.

If we try to connect between us during the study of The Zohar, then The Zohar helps us and brings to us, in the correct form, the force to do so.

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  1. Let there be light, between us.

    The first words spoken, are the most power invocation. Let there be a connection. Let there be unity, and this, begins everything.

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