125 Degrees Of Love And Hatred

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What happens after the end of correction when we have ascended all 125 degrees? Does a new process begin there?

Answer: We will see once we have risen to the end of correction. Right now, we do not even understand what the first spiritual degree is. This is how opposite the spiritual world is from the corporeal world. As it is written: “I saw a reverse world.”

We cannot even imagine what happens after all the spiritual degrees, at the end of correction. There, we will have completely different instruments of perception, not just something larger than now, for comparison purposes.

It is just like as today, we are unable to speak about an integral world, where I will think about everyone and perceive everyone only together. Right now, we do not know what this is. We cannot imagine that we will see the entire world as one single organism.

I will automatically perceive from within every thought, appeal, and desire as my own because “I” will be “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” It will be as if everyone were within me.

However, are they inside me now in reality? No, they are not. I feel a distance of 125 degrees of hatred between us. This is how great the hatred that we reveal is, as it is written: “He who is greater than his friend, his desire is greater than his.”

Why do Kelim Igulim (circular vessels) take up such enormous space? It is because of the amount of hatred. This entire space is the hatred that will be revealed, and I must fill it with love over this hatred.

Hatred inflates spheres and distances them outside (“extra”) from the central point. Now, I must compress them back inside (“intra”) with my love, but I do this over their distance. I want to bring my neighbor closer, and I do it. I feel like he is close to me, as if he were inside of me, but all of this happens “as if” over the entire distance that remains between us.

I only shorten this distance, correct it, but I do not eliminate it. The depth of the desire, Aviut (coarseness), is not destroyed, and for this reason, I get huge spheres, instead of one tiny point, grown out of this hatred that distances all of our points from one another.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/10/2011Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah

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  1. I agree with people trying to get along with family members and others. I will be kind to those who are cruel to others anyway, however, if my kindness gives them the message that what they do is not wrong. Then there is no hope for them to change, because they believe that the wrong they do is justified. How do I avoid this problem in some people? It would be different if I was kind to them and they knew what they did was wrong. At least then, there would be hope that they could change or want to love others to be changing themselves.

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