Program With A Good Ending

278.01Question: Is the Creator a good force?

Answer: Regarding creation He is kind. And not regarding creation, we cannot say anything about Him. We speak about Him as about Atzmuto—He by Himself—meaning, acting neither positively or negatively.

Comment: And like in a good fairy tale, of course, the good force always wins.

My Response: In fact, this fairy tale is kind, and it is not a fairy tale. This is a planned program of creation. Its ending is visible in the spiritual world. When we rise from the degree of our world, from things that are happening in the earthly senses, to a level higher than our perception, to the so-called “Lishma” (“for the sake of others”), then we see the future.

Now we are beginning to understand that the present and the future flow both in the forward and in the reverse direction. Therefore, when we ascend to the upper world, we can clearly see its future states. Kabbalists see this.

Question: Do they see it all in forces and not as it manifests itself in our world?

Answer: Of course. But they see it and tell us about it. Where did they get it from? How could they describe everything? From the fact that they discovered it all.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States”

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