See The Torah In Its True Form

933Question: “Mountain” in Hebrew is “Har” from the word “Hirhurim”—doubt; “Sinai” is from the word “Sina”—hatred. Does the concept of Mount Sinai symbolize the state of a person who is in doubt?

Answer: Doubts and hatred precede the correct understanding of the Torah. Our generation is in this state.

Question: Does a huge hatred manifest in a person before he unites with other people?

Answer: Yes.

Question: But an ordinary person, reading the Torah, imagines Egypt, Mount Sinai, several hundred thousand people standing at its foot, while we are talking about some kind of internal states, hatred, love?

Answer: Yes, we are talking about the contradiction of a person with what surrounds him.

Comment: There is a lot of confusion.

My Response: You cannot do anything. We left this state three thousand years ago and long ago stopped understanding the Torah as it really is. Today we are studying it like children at school, like some kind of fairy tales. And that is why it happens.

In fact, the Torah is a coded instruction for connecting people. With the right unification between them, a higher power manifests itself, which absorbs and surrounds everyone. It becomes clear to everyone where they exist, to what extent, that this is an eternal, perfect existence, and not some unfortunate, base, earthly one.

Let us hope that we will reach the state when the holiday of receiving the Torah really comes and we will see it in it’s true form.

Once it was given to us, and now every generation and every person must decide for himself whether he is receiving it or not on the terms that were set.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States”

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