Abraham—The Quality Of Mercy

276.03Question: What does it feel like for a person who ascends to the level of Abraham?

Answer: Abraham is a spiritual level that a person can attain when he receives from the Creator everything that should descend to the creatures.

From the Creator to the creatures descend the first three Sefirot, the three emanations: Keter, Hochma, and Bina. The highest level that the Creator gives to the creatures is on the Sefira Hesed (mercy).

Abraham represents the quality of Hesed, which means that he is merciful, responsive, incorporates everyone, feels everyone, and in no case connects it with himself, but raises everyone above himself.

Question: Abraham was the twentieth in the line of all the sages, starting from Adam, who lived 5,781 years ago. Why is the number 20 indicated in the Tanakh, and not 17 or 28?

Answer: There are different opinions on this topic, in particular, that these are the 10 Sefirot of direct light and the 10 Sefirot of reflected light. I believe that any higher spiritual impact usually descends on the right line, on the left line, and in the middle between them reaches the state called Abraham.

We can also say that in relation to the Creator, Abraham is the highest point, the highest quality of creation. We cannot go any higher. This is the quality closest to the Creator that a person discovers in himself.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual states” 6/11/21

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