Is It Possible To Advance Without Suffering?

562.02Question: What is the path of sufferings?

Answer: We must not advance toward the goal of creation by suffering, but when you divert from the spiritual path, you sink into sufferings. They put you back on track and you make a step forward.

Then you go deeper into  your egoism, you divert, and once again feel sufferings, which put you back on track, and then you take a right step forward once again.

Question: So, is it impossible to advance without suffering?

Answer: The point is that we constantly make mistakes along the way because without making mistakes, we will not be able to understand how to operate correctly. Therefore we have the opportunity to move toward the goal so that it will not be the sufferings, but the realization of our mistakes that will help us advance. This means that working on our mistakes and moving forward will be the same.

In this case, we will go without falling and rising, taking a step forward, again falling and rising, taking a step forward, but in two lines: left and right. Experiencing certain sufferings, troubles, and mistakes in the left line, we simultaneously work with them in the right line. And thus we do not go alternately left and right, but move with both feet toward the same goal.

Basically, we understand that we cannot advance without making mistakes since that is the way we are built. But if we advance egoistically, we already assume how we will discover our mistakes, how we will reveal evil, and we aim ourselves at moving over to the right line.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 11/18/18

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