Derech Eretz Warmed By The Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanThere are many levels of understanding and attainment of the system in which a person is in mutual cooperation with the upper force. It is very hard to discover this path of suffering that is called “400 years of exile,” which are unbearable. If the two forces, receiving and bestowal, the Creator and the created being, frontally collide, the created being will have to go through this whole path again starting from the four phases of the direct Light, the whole process of development. This is a horrible path.

But we are in a system that operates according to a certain upper plan in which there is already the final outcome, the starting point, and the final state. All the Kabbalists that operated throughout all the generations and all the books that they wrote are incorporated in this system. There are people who have attained the Creator living in concealment among us in this world who are working to bring humanity closer to these ideas.

All this brings us to what is called Derech Eretz (the way of Earth) something that is between the path of suffering and the path of the Light, which allows us freewill. If we were to advance only by the stick, we would have no way to develop our mind. We would be busy only trying to avoid the next blow that may come on one side or the other.

But if we receive all this through the system in which there are both judgment and mercy, the combination of these two forces allows us to develop. Like a baby whose parents develop him, so do we receive help in our spiritual development. Imagine what would come out of a baby who developed without the help of his parents. Even if he could survive, what problems and sufferings would he have to go through; the most he could attain would be a simple animal existence, to somehow live and die.

This is a life of an animal. A man’s life is based on receiving support from the previous generations, as each of them develops and completes the one that preceded it. Human desires develop from one generation to another.

So today we find ourselves in a state where on the one hand no one wants to receive the wisdom of Kabbalah and doesn’t understand what he needs it for. No one knows this wisdom and imagines some kind of mysticism and miracles instead. Different groups have different attitudes toward the wisdom of Kabbalah, people who are religious or nonreligious, who belong to the Israeli nation or to other nations.

The most stubborn ones are those who already assume that they are dealing with the Torah and don’t need anything else. They consider themselves to be perfect as they study the Talmud and observe the Mitzvot. We can somehow approach a nonreligious person and explain things, since he feels that this corporeal life has no meaning and that he wants to reveal the upper world, the system that manages life.

But in fact, no one feels a real need for the wisdom of Kabbalah, including those in whom the point in the heart has been revealed, and they suddenly light up and want to know about it and come to study. The desire that they have in the meantime is simply a desire to acquire something new and not to change their nature to the opposite form. Such a desire isn’t natural for a person and it simply doesn’t exist. Because between any person in this world and the true science of Kabbalah there is an iron wall, which must be broken.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/11/12, “Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot” 

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