Revealing The Method Of Correction

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The newspaper Haaretz published data on the psychological status of adolescents and young adults: 18.5% consider suicide. How can we respond to this?

 Answer: The educational system does not bring them up, but only gives knowledge; the healthcare system is concerned not about patients, but about selling drugs, and so on. Our egoism has developed and turned into a cancerous tumor that is killing humanity. People do not have an answer to the question about the meaning of suffering and the meaning of life in general. Religion does not soothe the developed egoism and has outlived itself; a person wants not only to hear and believe, but also to see and feel.

This can be accomplished only through Kabbalah—the method of revealing the higher force of Nature (the Creator), its goal, and the management program during a man’s life in this world. We should quickly reveal this method to the world, and not only will suicide disappear, but the entire attitude of a person towards his existence will change to be positive and rational. There is NO other solution to the crisis and its particular manifestations!

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