Growth On The Rungs Of The Spiritual Ladder

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn order to get the real and complete picture of reality, we need to disconnect somewhat from that same reality that we are used to, and as much as possible, to try to imagine the permanent state which is the desire to receive that was created by the Creator. All movements take place only within this desire, within its consciousness.

If this desire tries to understand and feel its real state, then this is called movement. It is precisely in this state that we find ourselves, but in our understanding and feelings we grasp a different, imaginary reality. This kind of exercise, a game in which we are involved in order to make an effort, like children, trying to succeed in the game, and through this to gain knowledge, feeling, understanding, intelligence and development.

If not for these games, then the child would grow up like a beast: from a small beast into a large beast. But it is specifically through the games that each time he learns, changes, and becomes a man.

And here we are, exactly in the same state. On purpose, He gave us a feeling that is far from the truth so that we would try to resemble the truth, like small children who play at being grownups. To the extent of our attempts, we begin to grasp this real situation, enter it, and feel that we are within it.

It turns out that the wisdom of Kabbalah is comprised of advice about how to attain this real state, which laws operate there, what activities occur, and what we can do in order to gradually pass from our present state to a state that is more advanced through these actions, thoughts, and desires.

All of this is called the work of the Creator, since through it, we want to resemble the Creator. The Creator is the general force, the general desire, attribute. And in order to resemble this attribute, which is called the Creator, we must create within us conditions to reveal Him. This is specifically what we do step by step with the help of the advice of the Kabbalists.

Our gradual corrections are completely contradictory and opposed to bestowal, until complete resemblance to it, which is called the spiritual ladder, where we rise from the attributes of reception to the attributes of bestowal. In these ascending levels, we learn about the spiritual acts, the understanding of the attribute of bestowal in all forms.

The correction of these egotistic attributes to attributes of bestowal is called fulfilling Mitzvot (commandments/precepts).
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/31/12, Writings of Rabash 

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