Solutions And Artificial Intelligence

600.02Question: In which cases can artificial intelligence make decisions and in which case can only humans make them?

Answer: Artificial intelligence is a machine. If it can solve problems like a calculator, then it will. If it cannot, it will not. We get confused by entrusting new computers with tasks that only humans can do. This cannot happen. A calculator remains just a calculator, nothing more.

In our brains, in general, the same thing is happening. But we have a tremendous advantage in comparison with all other artificial or biological creatures: a person connects to the common brain.

There is a huge general intelligence above us in which absolutely everything exists. We connect to it, we get ideas from it, and information from us arrives to it. A machine cannot connect to it.

Question: But if a man does not connect to the common brain, then can a machine make better decisions?

Answer: It is quite possible depending on what level. Inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human nature are all connected to this brain at different levels. It controls everything.

Question: Is there not a danger that in the future we will be controlled by machines as it is often depicted in some movies?

Answer: If you want it, then yes. After all, it is a machine that acts in a purely deterministic manner, and if you program it intelligently, then it will educate you intelligently and control you.

Question: But will it not rule over man and enslave people?

Answer: By means of its own desire? No, it cannot happen.

Question: Don’t you believe that machines can enslave us?

Answer: It is not that I do not believe, I know that it cannot happen. After all, machines are not God’s, but human’s creation. According to the cause and effect system, it is impossible for us to create something that would be higher than us.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 6/11/20

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