How To Stop Suicide Among Young People

283.01Question: Currently, suicides among young people are becoming more frequent. Against the backdrop of mass layoffs, income decline, and social isolation, young people suffer greatly. They feel very strongly the growing pressures on the family. Scientists say that after the pandemic ends, there will be an increase in suicides.

What is the reason for such a rather desperate step—ending one’s own life at a young age—for a generation that is just entering life?

Answer: We live to feel pleasure. The moment we do not feel pleasure, that very second seems as dead to us, worthless. If these moments continue one after another, we simply do not know what we exist for.

If we stop receiving pleasure, we do not know what we are living for.

Therefore, it is quite easy for us to understand people whose connection with good times, with a profession, with pleasure from some actions, people who could create, build, be in the circle of friends, loved ones, and ones who love them, and so on, is broken. Then indeed, if all this is lost, what is there to live for? After all, the very essence of our nature is yearning for fulfillment, for pleasure.

It turns out that there are very few pleasures in our life today. There are no fulfillments. That is why so many young people are just trying to end this life. Why should they suffer?

Question: How can they compensate for previous pleasures when social contacts, connections, and communication were one of the main tools for releasing energy?

Answer: And today there is none of that. Do not make a comparison with the youth from 20 to 30 years ago. They were much more primitive than the youth of today that has a huge number of connections around the earth. Modern young people understand how everything works and see not only on themselves, but on the young people around the world such examples in life because of which they do not want to live. What is the point?

Our egoism goes through the roof, it asks for some new, special fulfillments, but we cannot give them it, and thus emptiness appears. But you have everything! Take an interesting book and read it! He does not even want to open it: “What book?” Who has read a book lately? He would check some things on his computer a bit, nothing interesting either. And so on.

In other words, people are overfilled with opportunities, but these opportunities are not the ones that can fulfill them.

Question: Youth is the age when nature pushes a person to constantly develop. That is, the driving force from within pushes a person to develop. Why does this movement stop abruptly now both from within and without?

Answer: We are in a transition period between two very serious paradigms, phenomena, periods of human development. Until our time, all of humanity developed by the growing egoism. This growing egoism pushed everyone forward. It was interesting to grow, there was something to grow for. My innate egoism accompanied me all my life and pushed me further and further. Therefore, there were very few suicide attempts.

Today, our egoism stopped pushing us forward. It does not show us a bright future in its development. Therefore, I do not see what I should live for.

Question: Then what is man born for?

Answer: This is the question! Have you ever thought about it?

Question: Could it be that the lives of young people are interrupted exactly at the moment when they ask themselves this question and do not find the answer?

Answer: And do not find the answer. This is absolutely right.

Remark: Extreme games are actively developing among young people today.

Answer: This is because they do not feel satisfaction in ordinary life and they still need to feel themselves. A person has a feeling of himself when he is on the brink of something. When he reaches the edge.

Question: How can you not bring this borderline you are talking about to a critical outcome?

Answer: But they want it.

Question: Isn’t the aspiration for the extreme, for reaching beyond the boundaries of ordinary life, an aspiration to find something more?

Answer: I do not think that it is just because of that. They just need a feeling that they are alive. Living! And it does not exist in ordinary life.

Our life is over; our world has reached its limit for us. A person comes to a state called “reaching the edge”; he has reached the boundary. What is beyond it? Nothing!

If he does not end up with us where we will teach him how to get to the next level of the universe and not through death or some games, if he does not come to us, then there is nowhere to go. Then they resort to suicide.

Remark: I still want to find the rails on which a person, despite the fact that he is now in quarantine during the pandemic, when everything is collapsing and he feels that his life is also collapsing, would see these rails, stand on them, and go forward like a train.

Answer: No, For this he must come to us to study. You cannot just ride a train. There is a train, but you need to board it, hang on to it, and ride forward together with the others.

Question: How can people pass this tipping point?

Answer: They will not pass it until they discover the meaning of life, which is not in this egoistic life. Otherwise, there is no need to exist. They will kill themselves more and more.

Question: And where is this meaning if not in this life?

Answer: It is above it. You do not have to die for this, but you must rise above this life from our egoistic life into the altruistic one.

Question: Doesn’t that also mean death, in a way?

Answer: No, we do not kill anything. On the contrary, we are developing. Therefore, we need to talk about it a lot, explain a lot, gradually enter this area with our feelings and minds. However, in general, it is what gives us the answer to the question of the meaning of life and how to continue this meaning from our small egoistic world to a huge, open altruistic space.

Question: British social services say that in April, about half a million calls were received from teenagers and young people who were on the verge of committing suicide.

What would you say to young people who are just starting to live now? What do they need to do? Where to turn in order not to hit a dead-end, a limited path that ends after a certain amount of time, but to walk an eternal, endless road?

Answer: We need to convey to them as quickly as possible the method of revealing the upper integral world. Then they will understand what is worth living for. That is all we can do for them. They do not need anything else.

Question: What will they receive in this integral world?

Answer: Eternal meaning. Eternal existence in eternal attainment, in eternal fulfillment in unlimited form.

Question: Will they not feel stressed or lonely then?

Answer: Not at all! On the contrary, all this stress, loneliness, everything they have experienced, everything that has formed in them, this vacuum, this emptiness will be filled with the real meaning of life.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/12/20

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