The Last Day Of Summer

243.07The last day of summer has arrived. We are entering the autumn-winter period, and of course, the coronavirus pandemic will continue. It’s good that day by day we realize more and more clearly that the virus will not leave us that fast. The pandemic brings not only illness, but changes our entire existence: work, home, our communication with each other, and a person’s attitude to life.

There has never been an epidemic that has been so wide, so deep, and so long lasting, and has made such qualitative changes in a person. Humanity still finds it difficult to understand what changes are required of us, but in the next two or three months we will feel that this blow obliges us to change, to change our attitude to life and society. The coronavirus changes people, and it will be easier for us to understand what kind of people we should be.

Autumn begins, and people return to work after summer holidays, children return to school, students to universities. Everything begins to return to the usual framework, and here we will feel how unable we are to return to it.

We have nowhere to return! We will no longer be able to support the systems that we had before. For now we do not have an understanding of how to continue the previous course. What should be our attitude to work, to study, to all of life in the new conditions that are revealed to us as a result of the pandemic. We will have to figure it all out again.

We will feel that we want to fight against these phenomena less and less, but we need to understand their inner essence and change ourselves accordingly.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/31/20, “Work With Faith Above Reason”

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