What Adults Can Give Children

907Question: Do grandparents have a special function in the development of their grandchildren? How does this compare to the parenting function?

Answer: Parents provide corporeality for their children. Grandparents support their grandchildren more spiritually.

Question: Today it is difficult for adults to keep up with young people. What can they teach children? Therefore, we see that children neglect their parents. If in the past parents passed on some skills to their children from generation to generation, today a child can earn his living by himself.

Answer: You speak from the point of view of absolute egoism: A child can earn money. But he needs more than that. He needs emotional, mental, spiritual, and psychological support. Without parents and even without grandparents, he cannot find this in himself.

Question: What skills can parents pass on to their children today, besides emotional support?

Answer: When children begin to have children of their own, then parents can give them what the children feel necessary for themselves.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 5/21/20

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