Should We Open The Kindergartens And The Schools?

592.04Question: Currently there are preparations to reopen the schools and the kindergartens. Parents are afraid that their children will get infected and bring it home. Teachers are afraid that children will infect teachers and they will bring it home. Do you think that perhaps it is really possible not to open the schools, not to open the kindergartens?

Answer: I would not open anything now; I would just transfer all classes to the Internet. Children take it very easily. They browse all sorts of virtual pages all the time anyway.

Give them assignments and teach them via the Internet. There are great materials, whatever you want. Give them assignments, and at the same time prepare these assignments together with them. Have tests every day and so on. In short, everything depends only on us.

Question: What about the physical communication of children with each other?

Answer: Physical communication of children can be exactly like that, in order for children to meet and communicate physically with each other. They do not need this for the classes. Each one studies on his own with a notebook, with a blackboard, and with a teacher. All this they have on their computer.

Question: What should we do with kindergartens and nursery schools? After all, mothers do go to work.

Answer: It should be done very simply: teach children to exercise via TV or computer, to do some kind of homework, to communicate with virtual animals, people, and so on. That is, cultivate skills of virtual communication in them.

Question: Would you also put the children of kindergarten age in front of the screen?

Answer: Of course. Imagine a boy who you put inside an airplane! He sits in front of these switches, and the pilot sits next to him and teaches him how to operate them. What prospects opens up for him! Do you have any idea what you are doing for a child?

We can do the same with a ship, with submarines. This is not a movie that you show them about other people, but he, himself, interactively participates in it. He can even become a surgeon if he wants: he listens to the heartbeat and how it all happens.

Make it all interactive, make it so that it becomes his life! Then when he becomes an adult, he understands what this is all about.

Imagine yourself as a boy, how it would capture you!

It is up to you to choose what profession you want. You can go with them through all the professions this way. Show them everything there is! Make it interactive, as if they are in the forest running after a wolf or catching something, communicating with someone.

Question: Would you replace all these games of killing and capturing with the positive and educational ones?

Answer: Of course! You develop a person! He goes through all this and learns from this.

Question: Would you cancel all these wars that fill the Internet?

Answer: Absolutely! Absolutely everything that existed before today.

Question: Do you think that their effect is terrible?

Answer: There is nothing good about them! We need to make only interactive programs for children so that they would feel that they are entering life. These programs would have to be correct.

Then you would raise people the way you want them to be. I would show the girls how to take care of a baby, with diapers, and so on. How to take children for a walk. Here she goes for a walk with a baby, and she looks at herself from the side. Or even not from the side—she looks as if from within herself and sees all this. This is life!

Question: Then let us touch on the third factor, nursery school. Up to what age  should a mother stay with a child? Should she be paid for it, not to go to work, not to be sent anywhere? We usually send a child to a nursery school from the age of six months, if not earlier.

Answer: To the age of 12 to 13 years.

Question: Should we pay the mother to be at home with the child until he turns 12 or 13?!

Answer: Yes.

Question: To be with a child who is already an adult?

Answer: Yes. If it is a girl, she will be with her mother, will be helping her, and will know how everything is done. Then, when she becomes a young lady, a bride, a woman, she will be fine, she will know what needs to be done and how it is done, and she will not be calling her mother, “Mom, how do I make porridge?”

Question: Is it the same for a boy? Should he also stay with his mother until a certain age?

Answer: There will be a little bigger problem with a boy because he has to learn a profession.

Question: But it can be done interactively?

Answer: Interactively, yes. However, he should devote most of his time to this.

Question: Still would you also keep a mother with the child up to 10 to 12 years old for both boys and girls.

Answer: Yes. But they would still have, say, three days or even half-days allocated for walks. It should be when a person comes along and picks up the boys and takes them for walks, to a museum, or a sports field, etc.

Question: Should it be a coach, an instructor, or a teacher who picks up boys from an area and takes them to show the real, corporeal world? Does he also teach them how to communicate with each other?

Answer: Yes. Once a day, a walk for two to three hours, and another two to three hours of some games at the sports ground, and so on.

Remark: You have just painted a beautiful world.

My Comment: Why can’t we do that? What is there?! We do not need to build anything for this. We just need to reorganize ourselves and that is it. It is easy!

Remark: What you have just painted is so beautiful! But I do not think it is easy.

My Comment: It is not easy because of our character, because of our egoism, but it is in our hands.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 5/25/20

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