The Trend Toward Worldwide Communication

962.4Question: What internal changes have occurred in our communication since the 1990s?

Answer: We have entered a completely different space of connections between us. We feel ourselves a different humanity. If earlier communication between people was carried out through telephones, radio communication, and so on, today we feel the connection not between people, but between IDs, and this is a completely different feeling. Therefore, it does not matter to me who writes to me, but it is important how I perceive it.

Question: It turns out that if in the past each person practically did not leave his village and was connected with several tens or hundreds of people, today he meets thousands or tens of thousands of people in his life. What is the purpose of this trend?

Answer: It is a very simple process: we must feel like one family, one united, interconnected society, unable to exist otherwise. This is a process of absolutely complete interaction between us. And although this interaction is still egoistic, it will lead us to understanding that we must find a different method of communication.

Question: That is, I will be in contact with billions of people? And I will know them personally?

Answer: It will be worldwide communication. Moreover, it must be kind; otherwise, we will simply destroy each other. Today we are beginning to realize how much the lies in this system harm all of us.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 5/21/20

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A Framework And Absolute Freedom

Q712.03uestion: There are people who cannot live within a restrictive framework. And there are people who cannot live without the framework of our world. What is the correct approach to this phenomenon?

Answer: There is such an expression: freedom is a conscious necessity. If I feel the need for submission, then within this framework I am already free. But this is incorrect because nonetheless this is still a necessity.

If I investigate the nature I am in, then I begin to understand that this is not a necessity, but a conscious desire to obey all the laws of nature, all the forces affecting me, and to rise to the level of absolute bestowal. This is absolute freedom.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 7/2/20

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What Adults Can Give Children

907Question: Do grandparents have a special function in the development of their grandchildren? How does this compare to the parenting function?

Answer: Parents provide corporeality for their children. Grandparents support their grandchildren more spiritually.

Question: Today it is difficult for adults to keep up with young people. What can they teach children? Therefore, we see that children neglect their parents. If in the past parents passed on some skills to their children from generation to generation, today a child can earn his living by himself.

Answer: You speak from the point of view of absolute egoism: A child can earn money. But he needs more than that. He needs emotional, mental, spiritual, and psychological support. Without parents and even without grandparents, he cannot find this in himself.

Question: What skills can parents pass on to their children today, besides emotional support?

Answer: When children begin to have children of their own, then parents can give them what the children feel necessary for themselves.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 5/21/20

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The Role Of Jewish Immigrants From Russia In Spiritual Development

448.1Question: In the seventies and then in the nineties of the twentieth century, the repatriation of Jews from the Soviet Union began. Why, after the establishment of the State of Israel, are we gathered here right now?

Answer: We live in a unique time. Now it must be decided whether we will go the right way, meaning that we will explain to the Jewish people, wherever they are and no matter how they are mixed with other nations, their special historical role: to show the method of unification to all the peoples of the world. We need to fulfill this mission, and then the world will achieve its correct, perfect, comfortable existence.

If we do not do this, then the world will have to plunge into even greater troubles. In the end, it will still realize the viciousness of his selfish development, but this will happen after many years of severe suffering.

Question: Spiritual development, meaning an appeal to the study of the Creator, nature, and the soul, began to revive in the 18th century with the emergence of Hasidism. Interestingly, the first Zionists came from Russia. In principle, they created the State of Israel. Is it somehow connected with the same Hasidism?

Answer: They were all from Jewish religious communities so they had an instinctive inner movement toward unification, plus external oppression. So it all coincided.

But in our time there is a completely different state of both people and the state. The rapidly expanding global anti-Semitism will probably take on a driving role that will bring Jews together in one place and make them realize why they are so hated.

Question: It turns out that it was the Zionists from Russia who became the basis for the formation of the State of Israel and for spiritual development in general?

Answer: Yes. First, they renounced the faith and left the religious part of the people that did not support the resettlement to the land of Israel. These were non-religious, absolutely healthy, vigorous young people who believed that it was necessary to build socialism and communism, not on foreign lands, but here, in Israel. That is why they came here with such a communistic impulse.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel” 12/28/19

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 9/15/20

Preparation to the Lesson

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Lesson on the Topic of “What Is Preparation for Selichot (Forgiveness),” Part 1 

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Lesson on the Topic of “What Is Preparation for Selichot (Forgiveness),” Part 2

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Lesson on the Topic of “What Is Preparation for Selichot (Forgiveness),” Part 2

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