Russian Jews in Israel: True Self-Fulfillment

laitman_291Question: When we speak about the general system we are faced with the question of why this system has brought a million Russian Jews to Israel. What are they supposed to do here? Did they come here only in order to contribute to the development of advanced technologies, medicine, etc?

Answer: Even if it were for this purpose, it is impossible to detach the physical, cultural, and technological development from spiritual development. It is all the revelation of the one motion forward towards the goal of creation. On the one hand, the Russian Jews assimilated in the Israeli society and have integrated in every area, occupying high positions in the Israeli society. On the other hand, a person cannot develop spiritually if he doesn’t feel the support of the society, and today our society is undergoing an inner revolution, an inner confrontation, an inner liberation. It is for this reason that I believe that the Russian part of Israeli society that has come here and spread all over our small state has not fulfilled itself.

Comment: Although the Jews from Russia express themselves in family life, in certain occupations, and even in politics, they feel a complete lack of inner self-fulfillment: They have come to this country and it is as if they live and don’t live. Depression and drug abuse are common among their young and there is a feeling that they lack a real solid basis.

Answer: This situation is not only typical of the Jews from Russia but also of people who came here from other countries. It resonates within everyone who lives here. There is a feeling of lack of self-fulfillment, lack of values, and a feeling that everything is temporary. It all stems from our spiritual root because only the nation of Israel can exist in this country only in the format according to which we can be called a nation. It has to be united, connected, and people have to feel that they are internally united like one family.

The world is frozen today at a low point because we are not receiving the spiritual nourishment that we need. We are to blame for that. This is the root of anti-Semitism because we are not bringing the world what it has needed for a long time and what it wants to receive. The Jews don’t know what their role is. This is the reason that Kabbalists have to tell them the cause of all their problems. People have to accept the method of unity and to find out that this is actually what they need in order to establish a nation and a state and to bring ourselves to a level at which the whole world will receive our ideology, philosophy, science, and culture.

When people find out that they are offered levers for managing the world, they will realize that this is who they are and will understand that they don’t exist in order to be doctors, professors, or engineers. To the extent that people will ascend above their nature and reorganize it correctly according to their understanding and their perspective, their inner emptiness will be filled with the eternal spiritual work that is infinite and whole. This is the true fulfillment of the nation of Israel. But if we don’t discover this option of fulfillment and our obligation to ourselves and to the world, we will reach a state of internal confrontation and darkness and will sink into drugs, even greater mutual hatred, division, and separation, and will become easy prey for the predators that are on our borders.

I hope that the critical mass of our nation will realize that the wisdom of Kabbalah reveals the true system of creation to a person. The main thing is that it gives him the levers for managing creation. At the same time, the lack of inner fulfillment that a person feels, although he works and studies, receives a filling here, because on the one hand, he discovers the system that governs our world, and on the other hand, he enters this system and can actively participate in it. It is actually thanks to this that a person discovers that he can solve all our problems this way, including the global problems, which as we can see have no solution on the level of our world.

We have to enter this system and to participate in it, since it is only with the help of man in our world and the upper system that governs the world that we can balance all of creation.
From KabTV’s “About Our Life” 5/7/15

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