Russian Jews

Laitman_414In the News (NewsWe): “Sociologists have a known limit of the duration of a usual life expectancy of a nation. It is a thousand to a maximum of one and a half thousand years. By the end of its existence, the nation grows old, loses energy and dissolves into other nations. The Jews – are an exception. And our life, if you do not go into the mystical reasons, must have a natural mechanism. This mechanism may have a mystical reason.

“It seems to me that the history of the Jews is the history of different peoples consistently flowing into one another. Some properties of the previous ‘new’ Jews remain, but most are different. Constant – are the common ancestors and the foundations of faith. …

“In the Land of Israel were joined other people. The language was Hebrew. … The following 15 centuries of our history – is a history of powerful people and the great kings David and Solomon, the prophets who wrote the holy books, the people who created the Bible – the basis of spirituality of mankind. During the 15 centuries Jews sprouted all over the world. After the conquest of the northern kingdom by the Assyrians, with the expulsion of the Jews, the ten tribes of Israel left. After the destruction of the First Temple in Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, there was a large Jewish community. At various times there were Yemeni, Ethiopian, Georgia, Bukhara communities. …

“In ancient Rome, according to Josephus, 100 thousand Jews prayed in 150 synagogues. And a community emerged on the Iberian Peninsula. All of these had a lot of common genetic roots, one religion and Hebrew as the language of worship. But everything else – the lifestyle, traditions, everyday language – were different. …

“We, the Jews, have a unique story of national dynamics.18-28 centuries ago, the powerful Hebrew speaking people with an ancient religion, which had two states in the Land of Israel, was divided into many peoples living in different continents – with different languages, different traditions, but with one faith. Thousands of years later, all these people, as predicted in the Bible, re-merged in the Land of Israel into one, whether they had existed in that same place two thousand years ago or whether new, but with the same characteristics, the same ancestors, restoring the same Hebrew language that hadn’t been used for ages .

“Every part of the Jewish people, having broken away from the common trunk of old or arising out of those ancient peoples later, reappeared bringing with them something of value that it acquired over the centuries of scattering.

“One of the youngest peoples of the world, the Russian Jews, made in reviving the people first in the early twentieth century, inserted their spiritual quests from Russia – Tolstoyism, Marxism in its Menshevik version, the activism and militancy of Trumpeldor and Jabotinsky, and then, with a wave of the seventies and eighties and nineties – the spiritual achievements of the Soviet era – the pursuit of education and high culture. Russian Jewry, after brief, violent, tragic periods of history, died to come back and be an important component of Israel’s resurgent Jewish people.”

My Comment: The Jews’ most prominent characteristic throughout history has been their persistent aspiration for knowledge, whether religious or nonreligious, and then the acquisition of different professions.

After all, acquired knowledge and professions always remain with a person, and are passed by inheritance, accumulate with each generation in the people’s gene pool. This aspiration for knowledge is especially pronounced among the Russian Jews, the most persecuted throughout history.

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