Transformation From Embryo To Human

laitman_610.2Why does nature make the birth process accompanied with such terrible agony? The fact is that afterward, this pain turns into force. The pain experienced by a woman during childbirth strengthens her and gives her tremendous strength later in life, which allows her to care for the baby and endure life’s trials.

The suffering experienced during childbirth strengthens the woman’s body. Therefore, a woman who has given birth is stronger than a woman who has not given birth and is stronger and more patient than a man.

Birth pains are very beneficial for health, it gives women patience and resilience in life. Therefore, the suffering that humanity is going through now in connection with the coronavirus will give it strength for development in the future.

After all, we will have to pass from one world to another, like a baby who is born from a mother’s womb that turns from an embryo into a human. After birth, he begins to behave in a completely different way and to become acquainted with a new reality and a new world outside the mother’s womb. The body of a newborn begins to act independently: the child cries, smiles, learns to listen, see, and then speak.

The child also goes through the pains of birth, although not as strongly as the mother. He loses all the sensations he had inside of his mother. His mother pushes him out, but he himself makes an effort to get out as well. Of course, he does not understand what he is doing but acts instinctively at the call of nature.

Nature forces the baby to turn his head down and gives him the strength to get out of the uterus through the narrow birth canal in order to be born. The baby also does a great job in childbirth.

Today each of us is such an embryo, and the mother’s womb is our environment. We need to be born with the help of the environment and start living in a new environment, feeling the environment as a Partzuf (Hebrew-face) of our soul.

We are forced to give up the usual life in the old world where we felt warm, confident, protected. Now we leave this place and go out into a new world that we do not know. How can we get through this state, overcome this barrier?

It is not yet visible that the uterus is beginning to open. Everything is closed for now, even though the contractions have already begun. But these contractions, the pressure on humanity inside the womb, is not directed yet. The embryo has not yet turned its head down, and it will take time for it to be born.

Turning  head-down is a turnover of values, of everything that was important before. Head-up means that the most important thing for me is my egoism and my own selfish existence. But now I want to abandon this approach, cancel, forget about myself, and start behaving in a new way, which means that I turn upside down.

Everything that was important to me before is no longer important, but what is important now is something completely different from before: bestowal, unification, love for one’s neighbor. The old values of human society, food, sex, family, money, power, knowledge, all these lose their value in the new world where we are all going to be born together. One acts on completely different principles.

The main thing for us is to unite and reveal a new reality in the connection between us, a higher power, unite with it, and constantly strengthen this contact.
From KabTV’s “Women in the New World” 7/9/20

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Where Is The Freedom Of Choice Hidden?

laitman_423.02Question: How will the current pandemic affect our development? Does it promote human freewill? We see that it, on the contrary, kind of takes away our freedom of choice because we behave in accordance with the external circumstances in which we exist. Where is freedom here?

Answer: Actually, we have not had any freedom of choice. We never have been guided by it; we acted only in the name of our egoism.

Taking into account all kinds of restrictions that the environment imposes on us, we have acted only under the influence of one single factor—our egoism—in order to fill and satisfy it every instant.

Comment: In the past, at least there was an illusion of freedom of choice.

My Response: You are right, the illusion has disappeared. But precisely due to the fact that it does not exist anymore, we have the opportunity to achieve real freedom of choice.

It is to rise above our egoism, which fetters us hand and foot and does not allow us to be free in any way. That is, freedom of choice is, first of all, freedom from one’s egoistic nature, which is imposed on us from above.

Question: Why is it written in many sources that freewill is in choosing the correct environment?

Answer: This is already a means. If I believe that I am obliged to get out of the power of egoism that dominates me, then I am looking for a means to achieve this. And it turns out that this can be done only by building an appropriate environment that would correctly influence me.

Question: In any egoistic society, receiving from it brings me pleasure, and giving back to society causes suffering. I do not want to give to it, or I do want to, but to the extent that I receive from it.

But suddenly values in society begin to change and they tell me that giving is good. And I begin to work, as it were, against my egoism. Is this the freedom of choice that you are talking about?

Answer: Freedom of choice is to expose oneself to the influence of the correct environment in which the property of bestowing is considered the highest and prevails over the property of receiving.

Then by including myself in this society, like a small child with closed eyes, surrendering to it, I can change these two levels in me so that the property of bestowal would be more important, better, and greater to me compared with the property of receiving.

Question: So, on one hand, I am going against my natural property to receive. On the other hand, society provides me with certain values that tell me that it is worth giving back to it. And this conflict evokes a certain spectrum of actions in me in which I am free?

Answer: Absolutely right.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 4/30/20

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New Life 1170 – Interpreting Reality Correctly

New Life 1170 – Interpreting Reality Correctly
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, one’s worldview is a projection of one’s inner characteristics. It follows then that if a person changes one’s main characteristics or inner programming, one’s image of the world also changes. We each want to be king of the world and feel good at the expense of others according to our natural human egoism.

By changing our attitude to love of others and equivalence of form with the Creator, we find the remedy for all the bad situations in life and our perception of reality changes simultaneously. In the end, it will seem that the world is entirely good. Through love of others, we achieve love for the whole world and then the picture of the world stands in us correctly.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1170 – Interpreting Reality Correctly,” 10/24/19

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 8/7/20

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