Israel Cannot Be Defeated By Missiles

laitman_960.1Comment: A forum in commemoration of 75 years of the liberation of Auschwitz was held not long ago. According to the statistics on the day that the forum was held, Israel curbed 800 cyber-attacks on airports and on the airplanes of world leaders.

My Response: This is actually the war of the future. What’s the use of killing people? It also costs much more money. A cyber-attack, on the other hand, is done quietly, because all the world leaders come here and the goal is to eliminate them. This kind of cyber war takes place every day, but not at this rate and not so intensively, not everyone together.

Comment: The hackers in different countries tried to disrupt the runway of as many as 60 planes at Ben Gurion airport.

My Response: According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, humanity can replay its faith and annihilate itself in a thermo-nuclear war and then be reborn thousands of years later and grow, like in Chernobyl, and history will repeat itself but in a better way, because after such an event the mutations will be better. They will preserve all the problems of the past internally and will not repeat them anymore.

Comment: This is a horrible script, of course, especially after Holocaust  Remembrance  Day.

My Response: But they will not repeat the problems of the past.

Question: There are many important meetings all over the world that world leaders attend. Why is it possible to see this now so clearly by Israel?

Answer: It is general love when world leaders come together and at the same time there are cyber-attacks.

Question: The outcome is a very romantic story, when all the world leaders come together, Israel reflects this attack; after all, it is Israel! So the attack must always be reflected. Does this mean that the hackers will never succeed?

Answer: They will never succeed.

Question: Why is this related?

Answer: It is because this nation, the nation of Israel, has a mission. It has a mission in this world. It is a mission that the whole world needs, and so nothing will happen to Israel. This is the reason that it is the safest place on earth. No matter which place in the world you visit, you may always think: “it is safe here, well, but…”, whereas in Israel, although it is not safe, and not so easy to live in, nothing will happen.

They need to find out through all their attempts that they will never succeed in any way, and ask themselves why they don’t succeed. Then they need to look for an answer. But if they don’t find an answer, they should get an answer which seemingly doesn’t make sense from a Kabbalist and accept it.

Question: What changes need to take place so that humanity will reach that?

Answer: This also depends on the nation of Israel and whether it will be able to explain this to everyone in the world: who it is, what it is, and what it exists for.

Question: And how can the nation of Israel want to do that?

Answer: It needs to listen to what the wisdom of Kabbalah says. All the people in the world need to know what the world exists for, for what purpose, and what each of the created beings must do in order to bring the world to the optimal state.

Question: And what law do they need to implement once they are all under “the hat” of Israel? Which laws do people need to keep between them?

Answer: Absolute, complete, mutual participation, unity, closeness, and understanding of each other, as one single whole, when all of humanity is as one family, when everyone together are like one man, an absolute feeling of the other as yourself. It should be as a woman feels the baby in her womb. This is how each one needs to feel everyone else inside him.

Question: Will Israel be like a warm blanket?

Answer: Yes, a warm blanket that covers the whole world and everyone feels warm, good, and safe.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman,” 1/28/20

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