Why Are Missiles Falling On Us?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I have kids from Ashkelon staying at my place since their town is being bombarded now, and I have four kids of my own. Yesterday we also heard a siren, and now all the kids are asking: “Why are missiles falling on us?”

Answer: This problem is a constant part of our existence which is above nature. We have to find out why there is a balance between the forces that constantly bring us to such a critical state. We have to examine this state more internally, and then we may find an answer. After all, how much longer can we live from one war to another?

For the first time this war gives us a new feeling since the whole country is on the frontline. It has never been that way, but today it is safer to live near the border than in the central part of the country. The whole nation including families and small children are under the same threat.

The Gulf War in 1991 was perceived as a temporary threat that came from a distant place and only certain parts of the country were under attack. But now we see that a missile can reach everywhere and those who fire them do not take anything into consideration. Their goal is to hurt the civilian population as much as possible and to annihilate us.

The question is why are the missiles falling on us? This is usually attributed to the fact that we cannot reach an amicable agreement. As if it were possible to achieve peace, even with some concessions. We have already conceded one thing and then another, and even a little more, and then signed a peace agreement, and as usual, it was immediately thrown in the trash. After that, we had to fight again, and then re-enter into an agreement, and yield. And so on without end.

But this cannot continue indefinitely because we can see that each time the war and the threat is taking on a new character and larger scale. After all, today it is not just a clash at some borders; the whole country is open to attack from any direction. While the threat comes from only in the small piece of land in Gaza, what would happen if we were attacked on all borders and from the sea? In this form, it is simply impossible to exist.

So what is the answer to the threat, when it is clear that we cannot achieve any peace agreement with our neighbors? If you look at this situation from a rational point of view, it is clear that in the future, far or near, we cannot continue to exist. And what can help us survive and lead a normal life in this region and in the world?

Today’s missile attacks are only part of our problem. We know that we are surrounded by hatred. It isn’t only the Arabs that hate us, but the whole world. Anti-Semitism is growing every year in every country, and we cannot close our eyes and ignore this problem.

We have to start a deeper examination of the problem since we are living under illogical conditions and exist in an illogical way. It’s not clear why we have existed for so many years surrounded by a sea of enemies. So far it was thanks to the wisdom of our people and our success in armament. But we have to understand the forces, thanks to which we exist, and the actions we should take with regards to other nations, to ourselves, and the global nature.

After all, we are constantly drawing a negative response from everyone upon ourselves. So let’s find out what we are doing wrong. Apparently we have brought so much good to humanity! There is a long list of famous people who belong to the Jewish people, who have discovered great things and did so much for the world and its advancement. So why, despite all that, is there still such a negative attitude towards us?
From Talk 1 “The Solution is in Unity” 11/18/12

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