Universal Injection

laitman_561Question: Why does the coronavirus spread mainly to older people?

Answer: In principle, the virus spreads to everyone. It is just that the young people tolerate it so easily that we do not even notice it. However, its next modification will be clearly evident on them as well.

The fact is that the virus is carried by everyone: by both animals and us. There are people who experience the disease almost imperceptibly. There are those who feel a slight ailment in the form of chills or colds, and those who feel them more. And there are people who even die.

As for children, the younger their age, the easier the virus is tolerated. However, it nevertheless affects them. In any case, it should affect everyone! As a result, you will not see a single person in the world that this virus has not passed through.

Now is the time when we should get one universal injection. This is neither good nor bad, we just need to understand what nature demands of us. If we understand, then we will behave correctly and enjoy life. And we will not have any losses.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 4/12/20

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