Are Melting Glaciers Dangerous For Humanity?

Laitman_702.01Question: Scientists say that the melting of glaciers can be deadly for us.
Scientists from the United States and China went to Tibet where the oldest ice is. Studying it, they found twenty-eight different types of frozen viruses. And if the ice begins to melt, they will come to life.

Now, against the background of the coronavirus, there is a terrible panic. Viruses are ancient and have been frozen for about 15,000 years. What will they bring to humanity?! They say that it can be even worse than the coronavirus!

Answer: It is quite possible. This is a terrible discovery. Maybe it will somehow cool down hotheads and, first of all, politicians. After all, everything depends on them.

Question: How are politicians connected to the coronavirus?

Answer: They are connected by the fact that they help the acclimatization of the Earth [AG1] to global warming and everything else—let them throw billions at this. But, perhaps, they will still hear me and then there will be no need to throw billions “on the Earth” but they will instead educate the population and push it toward unity.

Question: How is education connected to viruses?

Answer: According to the plan of nature, we should already be getting closer to each other. If we do not begin to seriously get closer to each other, into one unified humanity, then, of course, we will face great problems!

And it is not just the melting of the glaciers. We are violating the integral ecology of the Earth and of all the surrounding space. We are violating the ecology of the solar system! We do not understand this, but these are all closed systems that affect each other, first of all, us, the Sun, and the Moon. These are all interconnected systems that are so close (although it seems to us that they are far away) that there may be unpredictable consequences and very rapid ones at that. We have to think all of this over.

However, to do this, we need different politicians, different leaders, and different ways of controlling the Earth. Consider what they are thinking about—only about how to remove each other from their places and how to reign for a year or two; for this they are ready to sacrifice the well-being of Earth dwellers. I do not know how to describe this so that it would touch people’s hearts. Humanity could bring order if they wanted to do so.

Question: Why don’t they want to?

Answer: They do not want to recognize what is happening. They close their eyes. But perhaps they will now, with these kinds of blows, which will increase all the time. This is mandatory.
And if they find an antidote to this virus, there will be even worse ones. And another antidote will make it even worse and so on.

Question: But you are not against the fact that they are looking for an antidote?

Answer: No, I am not against it; I think it is stupid because you cannot do anything with it. You just go down the same path of mistakes and falls, mistakes and falls, all the time. That is not what we should be doing. We need to understand the source of our wrong attitude toward ourselves, toward nature, and toward people, and then everything will work out.

Remark: Humanity is looking for a means to stop the glaciers from melting and so on.

My Comment: What for?! These are not the right tools; they are mechanical ones! Nothing is solved at its own level! We must always rise to a higher level. As Einstein said, “Do you want to fix something? You have to jump above the table if you want to land on the table.”

Question: Yes, but how can they understand this?

Answer: They should listen to Kabbalists. We speak in an absolutely reasonable, sensible, and empirical way and we try to explain everything.

Remark: What will make humanity closer to each other will not enter their minds.

My Comment: This is the greatest force of nature. It is because we express ourselves in this way, on the human level, and we try to make nature as integral as possible. And then nature begins to balance itself on all the other levels.

After all, what is the reason for the entire problem? It is due to the fact that everything is out of balance. If people, at their own level, begin to create this balance (we have been out of balance for a long time, which is clear from our relationships), then all the other parts of nature will automatically begin to come into balance.

Question: What will we have then? Will the viruses that came for death come for life instead?

Answer: Of course! Everything will be balanced. They will work normally, as they should. There is nothing bad in nature. It is we, at our level, who violate the harmony of interactions between the forces of nature, and therefore nature manifests itself at lower levels in such a way.

Volcanoes, hurricanes, and viruses are all natural phenomena. but they are already beginning to manifest themselves at the level of biological phenomena. And then they will also exist at the human level. That is, humanity will suddenly stop understanding what it is doing and where it exists, as if it were under the influence of some kind of drug. And there will be nothing you can do with people.

They will be walking around like they are switched off and doing some weird, terrible things. Someone will think of pressing some button in a nuclear power plant.

Question: Does this mean that the problems have risen to the human level?

Answer: Of course. They gradually rise from below, just as water rises and floods all levels of a human building.

Question: You are a person of exact science, but it is very difficult to hear you. The politicians will not hear you. Then, who do you address?

Answer: The people. I do not address politicians at all. There is nothing one can do except through the awareness of people. Not politicians; they are programmed by nature. What people want to happen, politicians implement.

We need to wish that people will want the right goals, and then politicians will act. Politicians do not hear anything! The main thing for them is to be in power. If they hear that the people want it, they will say and do what the people want. The main thing for them is to be in charge.

Question: What should people want now in order to suddenly change the politicians?

Answer: The people must want to be connected among themselves in a good connection.

We need to think about what to do. Because if this develops naturally and egotistically, then, of course, it will be bad. We need to urgently correct the tendency of nature, to turn it in the direction of agreement and mutual connection. Then, everything will be balanced.

We have no way to escape from viruses and other organisms of some kind. These are all biological organisms. We need to develop all of this for the better. If we turn toward the better, they will not do us any harm. On the contrary, they will participate with us in a different type of development—a civilized one.

Remark: To life.

My Comment: Of course. Therefore, it all depends on man.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 2/3/20

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