The Goal Of The Creator’s Games

laitman_222Question: Let’s say a person comes to the hospital with some kind of problem, and there is a line where he has to wait for a very long time to be accepted. Or he goes to the bank to withdraw money, and his account was closed. Are these all games of the Creator? What should I understand through this game?

Answer: A person is hastened to ask about the meaning of life, about the purpose of his current state: for what and where does it come from?

By asking about that, one gradually comes to a state when he all of a sudden finds himself in the right company of people, books or some events that lead him to the question about the meaning of life. Sitting in the clinic’s line for half a day, he begins to wonder: “After all, what is this life for?!” Or, let’s say, something is happening with his business or some other problems arise.

That is, all these problems, and we have more and more of them, are catching up with people at every step. But they are intended only for our generation to start asking itself: “What do we exist for? What is the meaning of life?”

And people ask about this. They are depressed, they take drugs to somehow escape from this life. But, in principle, this gradually leads them to the discovery of the method of attaining the upper force that created them, manages them, and plays with them. They want to know why it happens to them? Where is this Creator if He exists? Who does all of this? For what purpose and why?

There is not a person who would come to the wisdom of Kabbalah without being previously in a state of depression or disappointment in life. People come to us with a feeling of lack: “I don’t have the most important thing in life.” That is when a person feels it, possibly even without a precise comprehension of his question and the lack of the answer to it, he already begins to approach Kabbalah.

Question: Then he finds the right environment, the right books? Why specifically in Kabbalah?

Answer: He can go through multiple reincarnations, but all the same, fate will lead him to Kabbalah in the end. But so far, it is only a few. We are the first line that begins to approach the Creator. But we carry many more with us. These many get closer – move away, get closer – move away. And it is a natural path, a start-stop movement.
From KabTV’s “The Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/25/19

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