An Opportunity To Reveal The Creator

laitman_221Question: When encountering obstacles that cause suffering along the way, how do we apply the knowledge that there is none else besides Him?

Answer: This, in general, consists of the revelation of the Creator. When we perceive all manifestations in our life as negative, we cannot imagine how life can be perceived as a manifestation of the Creator.

Here, a person has a direct opportunity to start identifying the Creator as acting correctly, with goodness, directing a person with His negative influences to the goal.

And the goal is for us to perceive all actions in the world as there is none else besides Him and thus gradually uncover the Creator as good who does good. In an exact way, all the negative influences that we feel push us in the shortest way to His revelation.

Proceeding from them, try to be directed to “there is none else besides Him,” that it is He who gives them to you, for what, why exactly the negative feelings, why do you need to rise above them, what does it give you, and how far do you separate yourself from your ego and precisely by rising above it get closer to the Creator? Try to act this way. These are the best conditions.

It is said: whom the Creator loves, He sends problematic conditions. But this is not as presented in religions, but in order to reveal the Creator as good in these states, as guiding us correctly.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 12//1/19

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