Life And Death, Part 7

709Becoming a Human

Question: Kabbalists say that “The task of a person is such an existence when there is no sense of life and death. If this feeling exists, it means that one has not yet risen above his animalistic level, has not yet become a human. A person is someone who exists forever and feels like that.” What does it mean?

Answer: If a person does not feel this world around him, it means that he or she is one degree above it. However, one uses the whole world for the sake of moving toward spirituality.

The spiritual world is our connection with each other when in our unity we reveal a common, mutual force of bestowal and love called “the Creator.”

Question: What is this human degree?

Answer: The human is Adam, from the word “Domeh” (in Hebrew), meaning “similar to the Creator.” He is like the Creator in the quality of bestowal and love. In this measure, we can already talk about who among us and to what extent someone is a human.

Question: Do I understand correctly that a person who has reached a certain spiritual level dies and then has to be born again in a certain body?

Answer: This refers to the desires and intentions, but not the body.

Question: Let’s say a Kabbalist dies, then he is born again and goes through a few stages. The first stage, like any other person, is unconscious development. After a few decades, he quickly becomes a Kabbalist, and then he already helps others. Is that right?

Answer: This is very primitive. After all, there is Ibur Neshamot, separation, mutual adhesion of souls, their movement, and combination, and therefore, we cannot say that everything happens in this way. Everything is much more complicated because it is a single system.

As soon as we leave our world, we immediately become included in the upper world, where there are very different states. There is no separation between souls as in our world where they are as if separated by bodies. When our bodies, that is, our earthly egoism, do not exist, then the relationship between the qualities of bestowal and love is completely different.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 1/14/19

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