Our World Is An Imprint Of The World Of Assiya

Laitman_912Question: Our world is part of the world of Assiya and, at the same time, as if part of the spiritual worlds. But they differ in the degree of bestowal, which does not exist in our world. Is it possible that, perhaps, our world came into being separately, not as part of the spiritual? After all, here is a different quality of existence. Why is it included in this system?

Answer: First of all, it is written by Baal HaSulam. This is the first and very simple answer. I always refer to the sources.

Second, our world is under all spiritual worlds and is an imprint of the world of Assiya in which the same parts exist as in the spiritual worlds. However, in the spiritual worlds, these parts are connected by the law of bestowal, love, and interconnection, and in our world by the law of receiving and rejection.

In detail, our world and the spiritual world are absolutely identical. But to say that our world was created separately is impossible. You can imagine anything you want. We take what Kabbalah says as a foundation. This is all I can say.

Read the sources. Everything is described there and explained a little more than we analyze in lectures. I believe that you just need to simply chew all this yourself, swallow and digest it.

It will give you not only understanding, but a feeling of how much our material world is connected with the spiritual world, their similarities and contrasts, how the spiritual world affects this world, etc.

When we talk about the similarity of our world to the upper world, we mean only its structure, not its qualities and its management. Although our world is an imprint of the upper world, it is made from totally different material. The spiritual world is the material of bestowal, love, and connection and our world is absolutely opposite to it, egoistic.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,”, 6/10/19

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