The Structure Of The Universe, Part 6

laitman_608.02Conscious Reception of Light

Question: Is all that we people receive today uncontrollable processes? I have a desire to receive, which comes from the outside, I don’t even know where these thoughts and desires suddenly arise in me. Do I have no freedom of choice in this?

Answer: Naturally.

Question: Then what is next is that we come to the fact that a person must have a power that restricts reception, controls his desires, called a screen?

Answer: The ability to control oneself lies in a special action, when I can conceal myself from the Creator, cut off my direct connection with Him, and cut off His instructions that I instinctively followed. I believe that I cannot do it now. I make an action called restriction (Tzimtzum), ostensibly cutting myself off from the Creator.

Only to the extent that I can connect with His actions, accept and fulfill them, based on my desire to be like Him, can I receive.

That is, as He gives, I also receive. I cannot get away from it; I still continue to be a receiver, but my receiving already has a completely different form when I decide that I need it in order to be similar to the Creator.

If the Creator gives, emanates from Himself, then my action of bestowal to Him lies in the fact that I, after the restriction, open myself in a certain way, to a certain extent, and receive pleasure from Him with clear understanding that I do it to please Him. That is, in principle, against my will.

Question: So, I disguise the light of the Creator, meaning pleasure from my desire to receive. The light is constant, like the sun, it always acts and bestows and if I have a screen, meaning the ability to control the flow of light, then I conceal it from my desire to receive. Is this the conscious realization of the Creator?

Answer: Yes, and then, if I uncover myself, this is called the conscious reception of light or a special connection with the Creator.
From the TV program “Basics of Kabbalah,” 11/27/18

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