The Structure Of The Universe, Part 5

232.09Malchut’s Desire To Become Independent

Question: Let’s suppose I receive, do not even feel from whom, and it does not interest me. It is like when you give something to an animal and it doesn’t matter to it who you are.

But the light begins to develop Malchut in a way, that at the last stage, she begins to understand who is giving to her and she wants to become similar to the Creator.

Answer: Yes, it is so, contrary to her original desire. To do this, she has to abandon the actions she performed before.

Therefore, Malchut restricts herself, ceases to receive at all, and thus, at least somehow resembles the upper force, in which there is no desire to receive.

Then she begins to develop, which is dictated by completely different motives. Malchut decided that she absolutely has to be independent, otherwise she does not exist.

If she simply receives or simply stops receiving, as it happens in the four stages of direct light, she acts in full accordance with the direct light’s instructions. Therefore, this is what is called the four stages of direct light.

When can she become independent? Only if she will counteract the light. How can she do this? She agrees with all its actions only when she herself allows it to influence herself.

To the extent that she can protect herself from the influence of light and put herself in such a way as to first prevent its impact, and then resolve it, this will manifest her independence, her understanding of the Creator, and approval of His actions.

That is, when I limit my lack of independence and stop being an animal, I become a human. “Human” is “Adam” in Hebrew, and it comes from the word “similar – Domeh” to the Creator. To the extent that I can restrict myself from an unconscious animal receiving and make myself a conscious recipient, I am called Adam.

This is an absolute control, an understanding of what I am doing, and a manifestation of the properties of the Creator in me.
From KabTV’s “Basics of Kabbalah” 11/27/18

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