The Person Is Revealed, Not The Text

Laitman_522.03Question: Did Kabbalists write texts with codes and hide secrets with letters or words or should the books be understood as they are written?

Answer: You should understand them as they are written. Then you will see that a completely new and different meaning is found, not in the text itself, but within you, as a reaction to the text. That is, you unfold, not the text.

There is no code, no secret, no cipher in the text. The whole cipher is inside you. Your reactions to the same words will be completely different . You will be captured by what is revealed within you.

In principle, the text will be the same text and the book will be the same book; only you will perceive it in a new way. For example, when reading a book for the first time, you will feel that it says something clever and then, returning to it again after a couple of years, you will see that it describes the structure of the upper world and you are in it.
From the Kabbalah Lesson In Russian, 3/10/19

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