The Correction Comes From Above, The Right Request Comes From Us

laitman_962.8We must build the Third Temple and after that there will be no exiles. Everything depends on our correction. But it does not mean that we are actually correcting anything—we only raise a prayer and the correction comes from above. We need to understand that only the request depends on us, the need for correction. We need to scrutinize this request, understand what exactly we want to correct: our nature, desire, intention, aiming them toward unity.

The prayer for unity is our main concern. If we raise the right prayer, we will feel how the whole upper force is helping us, building the Third Temple from us.1

The Creator created the system and when it spread from top to bottom, it revealed an overwhelming desire to enjoy, making it impossible to remain in the intention to bestow. Therefore, the system broke first on the level of Mochin de Haya, the First Temple, and then on the level of Mochin de Neshama, the Second Temple.

Afterward, there was no sanctity left, that is, unity and bestowal. All the parts of the Creation broke and distanced themselves from each other. Our task is to make a correction, to bring the broken fragments, ourselves, back together, and reconnect them. Then, we will realize that it is impossible.

The people of Israel were in spiritual attainment during the First and the Second Temples and were exiled after their destruction, which has been going on for 2,000 years now. All that is left to do, after the breaking and unsuccessful attempts at correction, is to understand what the correction entails. Correction lies only in unity. We are not the ones to execute the unification because we have no such power; all that depends on us is the prayer, the request. This is what we need to learn.

In order to reach the prayer, we must try to connect between each other. We should not be discouraged by our inability to achieve this. Every time we try to unite, we are faced with the futility of this task, but we can not back down. We must go on and on until we reach utter despair and raise our hands in defeat.

We have no knowledge of when this will happen but it surely will at some point. Our task is to keep repeating our efforts until we are certain of our inability to achieve it and come to realize that only the Creator can help us. Because He is the one standing in our way, preventing us from uniting. So, we begin to scream and cry, raise our prayer, and receive the strength from above to unite. When the power of unification begins to work on us, through it, we will understand where we are and what is happening. Until this light comes from above, one can not understand anything. But the light only comes as an answer to our prayer. Therefore, our work is in constant efforts to unite, attempt after attempt, until we reach despair.

On one hand, we do not back down and yearn for correction; on the other hand, we understand that we are unable to do so. This disappointment at our own powerlessness is felt at the same time as the of finally reaching connection with the Creator through our demand of Him. It is written about this: “My sons have defeated me.” Then, we receive the power of correction from above that arranges everything.2

The First and the Second Temples were destroyed from top to bottom. But the Third Temple must be built from the bottom up. After the destruction of the First and the Second Temples, we are left with broken desires that are intertwined with each other. All that is left now is to raise a prayer for their correction.

But we have to know exactly what it is that we are asking for. What can we ask for if we have not attempted anything ourselves? Our request must become more clarified. We want to become one man with one heart in order to reveal the Creator in this single heart. This will become the Third Temple from which the light and understanding will spread to all the people of the world. The whole world will begin to rise with us up the spiritual degrees and corporeality will gradually fade from our senses.3
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/25/19, Tishaa BeAv (Ninth of Av)
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3 Minute 10:43

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