Nothing Is Worse Than Indifference

laitman_259.02Indifference is a result of the discrepancy of properties. Indifference is given to a person so he discovers who he really is without influence from above or the influence of the group. Through the group, I also receive influence from above because only through the group can I connect with the Creator and awaken His influence by myself.

Indifference is the most difficult thing. It testifies to the fact that a person has not established a devoted connection with the group, and through it, with the Creator. The chain: “Israel, the Torah, and the Creator” does not work, and therefore, indifference appears. There is nothing worse than that. Even conflict or disagreement is better, because it is at least a scrutiny. Indifference prevents you from any kind of scrutiny and one can get stuck in it for years.

Then awakening will come because a person is not alone, but is a part of a broken system. If other souls connected with the root of his soul begin to change and correct themselves, then they awaken him. He may even give up on spiritual advancement, but he suddenly wakes up because others need his presence and participation in reaching correction.

At the lowest level, indifference manifests in the fact that a person falls into this world and is satisfied with it, egotistically enjoying his life. He is only concerned with material fulfillment and becomes indifferent to spiritual advancement. The point in the heart stops shining because a person has not made enough of an effort to connect with his friends, with the teacher, and with the method.

Pride disallowed his connection to others. He felt stronger and smarter than others and it knocked him down. A person can invest tremendous energy in material matters, but can completely cool down to spirituality. It seems to him that he will succeed and earn a fortune, and this is a huge obstacle.

The group is obliged to sustain a sense of equality in each member. Although we are all different—some are more intuitive, others more knowledgeable—we all should be on an equal footing with no advantage of one over the others. The group must help a person on this point or his pride will grow and deflect him from the path. This is called “rescuing him from prison.”

He can feel at his best and completely fine, confident, and strong—and this is the egoistic prison. Because of this, he finds himself in a turbulent stream, carrying him to a high waterfall where he will be smashed into pieces.

Indifference is a very important feeling because it shows how much I lack the greatness of the Creator. I must therefore increase the importance of all the resources: the group, the teacher, the books, and the method. Indifference and even rejection constantly appear and we must overcome them, working in such a way. These are necessary stages (blows) on the path.1
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/11/19, Writings of Baal HaSulam “Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah,”Items 11 – 16
1 Minute 14:25

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