Overcoming Indifference And Boredom

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: A man must structure the work time in his life very clearly. Today, this is a problem since most adults spend more of their time being idle than they do working. How do we bring up young people so that their day will be correctly planned?

Answer: The problem is that a person is bored today. He cannot captivate himself with work. Everything in life seems to have no meaning for him. This is a problem for all workers, especially office workers, up to the managers. The manager locks himself in the office, “I’m busy!” But actually he is languishing.

There is the same pretending to be busy with the employees and officials of all levels at work. This is natural. People are losing the desire to create, produce, and do something. They cannot force themselves to work. A person is lying around, sitting, fiddling with something.

It’s good that the Internet is there today. It is simply a panacea against boredom because people are busy with something at least; otherwise, there would be a more rapid degradation. Although in this case, it would have been much easier, we would quickly feel like a wilted plant. All of this is a consequence of the evolution of our desire, which has grown to its maximum and can no longer be fulfilled with anything.

This started back in the sixties of the last century with the generation of “flower children,” “Beatles,” the hippies who “went” into meditation, used drugs and so on. This was the first signal.

Now, working on integral communication with people, we are using quite a simple tactic. First, you must see how much the society works on a person; how much it excites, captivates, and rules over him; how much his personality begins to become inspired by the opportunities, desires, and goals of the environment; how much the environment influences his personality, and that is why, depending on the games we carry out, we begin to awaken in everyone, good or a bad relationships, all kinds of changes, transitions in perception, in thoughts, in decisions, in evaluations and so on.

The point is that if we correctly include a person within the surrounding society, then his desire, being the base of all of his existence, the desire, which earlier was very small (because he did not want anything, he could not move a finger) now becomes ten times greater because it is in a group, which is beginning to stimulate him, constantly shaking him up.

Finally, he becomes permeated with the desires of everyone else and, most importantly, he is awakened, he gets some kind of a small internal stress. And this takes him out of the state of indifference.

I think that this should be adopted by all work groups if they do not want to sleep throughout their lives. After all, they do actually have to do something for the good of the society. Therefore it is necessary for them to come and unite, so that even though one may be sleeping, they would be mutually stimulated by each other. And then they will have additional desire, the urge, and growth, and they will begin to live and work effectively.

It is the same with children. Meaning that the environment performs such a tuning on the personality with which it begins to receive the desire of all of the surrounding people and becomes much more energetic than before.

In addition, such a strong desire creates the environment for the person for further development. This is not simply heightened attention, but the possibility to rise above others and to lower oneself before them, to absorb information from the surrounding people and most importantly, to achieve coming out into the center of the circle and feeling the commonality through which we would be looking at the world and solving all of the problems correctly.

It is a higher desire, higher thought and mind, which does not relate to me or others. It is something, which we have created now by our own effort and incentive. And this common thing, which was born between us, is our next level, which is more developed. Looking through this level, approaching the world through it, each one of us brings himself to the correct solution.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/23/12 

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