Building A United Nation

laitman_962.1Baal HaSulamThe Nation: Similarly, the national love in the individuals of a nation is the basis of the independence of every nation. This is the only reason for which it continues or ceases to exist.

For this reason, this should be the first concern in the revival of the nation. This love is not presently within us, for we have lost it during our wandering among the nations for the past two millennia. Only individuals have gathered here, without any ties of pure national love among them.

Today we see clear confirmation of these words. The riots organized by the Ethiopians and the ultra-Orthodox demonstrations indicate that we have not built a common foundation for the whole nation. This is a huge problem that the State is to blame for. This is a national task that must finally be addressed.

How is it possible that after 70 years of the existence of the State of Israel we are witnessing events that shock everyone. We think that the situation will rectify itself, but it will not happen. The special work must be done in this “assembly of exiles,” which is the population of Israel, in order to turn them into one nation. Otherwise, it will not happen.

Special education is necessary. Imagine how meatballs are made, how many ingredients need to be added together: meat, bread, onions, eggs, garlic, herbs, and spices. When all this is combined together, it becomes a delicious meatball. But if something is missing or even if we try each ingredient separately, it is no longer tasty. That is exactly what is happening here.

We all need to go through such a “meat grinder” so that it will squeeze out of us all the foreign culture brought by each one from their country of origin and build a new culture from us. But where will it come from? If you just mix all the cultures together, you will get a salad that is impossible to eat.

We must choose only what applies to the people of Israel. Only love for one’s neighbor as for oneself and unity belong to them. This is the principle by which Abraham organized the people. Today again we need to organize our people the way Abraham once assembled them from the Babylonians who came to him.

The same task is before us today, the same work that our forefather Abraham had. If we do not do it, then this is the result. Everyone has talked about it starting with Ben Gurion, but no one has done anything. They did not have a method to awaken the need for unity in the people so that everybody would pray and ask to be given the force of unity, which must come from above. After all, this force is not here.

It seems unrealistic, but only in this way we can build a united nation. There is no other way.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/3/19, Building The Future Society

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