The Basis Of The Future Society, Part 3

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A Kabbalistic group is a laboratory for the study of nature as one single system. Thanks to the fact that we are building new altruistic desire in the laboratory—that is common to all of us—we see another world: not in the Light of reception, but in the Light of bestowal.

Man ceases to feel himself as a separate individual, but connects with a group of people, and within this connection feels reality as one single system—great and perfect.

Question: What tools can we use to make this change?

Answer: To do this we need to implement the methodology of Kabbalah in practice. Kabbalists discovered this method almost 6,000 years ago and wrote a lot of books about it. There is a clear program that we need to accomplish in ourselves. When we enter this “laboratory,” we get complete instructions and books—everything we need to do this experiment.

This technique is unique and only the people of Israel have it. They used it many thousands of years ago, but then they forgot about it. And today it is time to update this method, not only within the Jewish people, but also to pass it to the whole world.

After all, the world has evolved to such states when it needs this technique. The next stage in the development of humanity is to achieve connection in tens around the world.

Question: How and by what means does our connection take place?

Answer: We go to a group and with the help of all sorts of exercises, we begin to move closer to each other. We understand that it is impossible to break through into a new dimension alone.

After all, we remain egoistic, and to rise above an egoistic nature into the opposite, other nature, which apparently exists as a plus against the minus, can only be achieved by uniting in a group. Only in the group can we discover the power of bestowal.

Question: What are these exercises that enable us to reveal the power of bestowal?

Answer: My teacher, the great Kabbalist Baruch Ashlag, wrote articles about the work in the group. By studying these articles we understand what needs to be done. All exercises are directed to uniting in a circle. The circle means that everyone is equal. Everyone tries to annul his egoism and serve others. Everyone cares about the common connection and tries not to think about themselves but about the friends.

Together we study Kabbalistic books to understand how to become more connected and close to each other. In essence, these are very simple practical exercises; you just need to follow the Kabbalists’ advice and work on it every day.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/4/17

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