When Egoism Erupts

laitman_531.03Question: Is humility the same as belittling yourself? Is there a difference between humility and belittling yourself?

Answer: Humility and humiliation are not the same. However, it is too early for us to analyze this. The main thing for us is to always try to receive what is happening as coming from above, from the Creator, especially when egoism flares up in me and I start getting angry and express discontent.

This means that a person opposes the Creator, essentially saying, “I am dissatisfied with your government.” This is a problem. There is no humility; there is no feeling that the Creator governs everything, that “there is none else besides Him.”

“Well, the Creator controls everything, there is none else besides Him, and I am against Him!” This is a pure manifestation of egoism. Here we must try not to annul the discontent somehow, but to rise above it: “I don’t want it not to be there, otherwise I’ll go down to zero. No! I will rise above it and in this way I will become higher than my ego.”

That is how we need to try to work. I am not talking about more. But it is very important that we start to treat the manifestation of egoism in us that way, The most important thing is to rise above your discontent.

Question: And if I feel that I am angry not at the Creator, but at myself, at my egoism. What should I do?

Answer: If you are angry, then you are dissatisfied with the Creator. That is all.

Then explore yourself and decide what to do. Until you are satisfied with everything that happens, you will not rise above your egoism and you will be only at the level of this world.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/4/19

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