Through 22 Stencils

laitman_232.03Question: The world that I see in front of me, is it a letter or a collection of letters? Do we write this world or read it?

Answer: We see this world as if through a stencil through which light passes to us. Of course, this is not the upper light that affects us today, but still some aspect of it. It passes through 22 stencils and is thus reflected in us.

I do not see these stencils, I do not see the light passing through them. Everything happens inside of me, and I see the result of what is happening in me as my egoism, my senses, my desire that is influenced by light through these 22 stencils.

Question: Does this mean that a particularly sensitive person might suddenly speak Hebrew or start writing in Hebrew?

Answer: Yes, of course.

Question: Is there some kind of spiritual action in studying Hebrew like working in a group? After all, knowing that it is right, I still can’t force myself to study it.

Answer: Our conversation is not a lesson in the study of Hebrew. It is intended to tell you what code Kabbalah uses to describe the actions of the upper world. If we had not studied their impact on us and the consequences of them, then we absolutely would not know or be interested in this language. It would be really dead.

But it is becoming more and more alive because more and more people in our world want to know how the upper light controls them. Talking to the upper force on the principle of “He is for me, I am for Him” is possible only through letter stencils, through 22 established images.

As we used to beat letters on paper on typewriters, this system works the same way.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 1/ 6/19

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