Clarification Of The Letters Is Correction Of The Characteristics

laitman_744Around us everything is determined. Only we are changing, and according to our inner changes, we feel as if the outside world, which is a projection of our sensations, has changed. Around me I see people, birds, animals, but all these images and actions are within me.

I feel the changes in me as an external reflection on the background of the white Light, that according to my internal characteristics portrays an external picture for me, a contrast of all the colors, all the forms, everything that we see: the still, vegetative, animate, and speaking nature and the connections between them. All of these are reflections of our inner characteristics on the background of the white Light.

The question arises, how can we see all of our internal egoistic characteristics that project a picture of an external world that is not that pleasant, but which the good higher management establishes outside of us? Which is to say, how do we see the attitude of the Creator, His Light, and not the black color on a background of the white Light?

For this, it is up to us to change our characteristics completely from negative to positive, from the characteristic of reception to the characteristic of bestowal. If we change ourselves, then we begin to read in the opposite way, we don’t pay attention to the black letters but to the white Light, the white background between the letters. We see the forms of the Light that are created by the restrictions, which are called letters.

The letters are our Kelim (vessels), desires that have not yet been corrected. Gradually, as we correct ourselves, they are dissolved into the white Light.

The letters were created below the level of Bina. The lower part of Bina is the first nine letters. The following nine letters are Zeir Anpin. And the final four letters are Malchut. There are only twenty-two letters that symbolize the desires that Bina produces as the supreme desire (Gevurah Aylah) upper Gevurah, as the beginning, as the origin of the desires. Bina produces, Malchut and therefore the letters begin to be born from it.

The letters are reflected by the Upper Light that is found in Sefira Hochma on the background of Bina, which builds within itself the models of the letters and from there they descend into our world.

They have nothing in common with the letters in our world, because these are patterns of characteristics. Various combinations between the different characteristics produce words, and combinations of the words build sentences. These are not concepts and sentences in our world. Like a computer program, words, combinations of words, and sentences symbolize functions, characteristics, laws of how the mechanisms work; so even here, these are the laws of nature.

In this way we see the characteristics of the Light through the darkness. In the beginning we recognize the black letters, the outlines between the black letter and the bright background. And then, according to the correction of our characteristics, we can already move to learning not about the letters on the white background, but about the white background that is limited by the frameworks of the black letters.

This is a completely different science. It is possible to compare it to a computer program, where the negative becomes positive and vice versa, where the positive becomes negative within the program. If we do this within ourselves, then we understand that the letters are a desire for pleasure that prevents the extension of the Upper Light. And if we want to discover the characteristics of the Upper Light, to connect to it, we must rise above the letters to these characteristics.

We can ascend only if we transform the letters, the limitations, into white Light. But when this Light already drives from us, it is absolutely different from the Upper Light that filled all of reality before our particular participation in correction, because the background that supplies us with the white Light is a remnant, as the astrophysicists call it when they speak about a galaxy. In other words, this unique constant permanent radiation holds the entire universe itself.

The white background that fills the Malchut of Infinity is very weak. And we need to write our letters on it, gradually transforming all the desires into Light (ZAT de Bina, Zeir Anpin and Malchut). In other words, all the templates of the twenty-two letters are an expression of our characteristics. And so, from within the separate templates we begin to create infinite combinations of different characteristics. The recorded letters are like a computer program, they can express the characteristics of the world. Through this we install our program from the ground up.

They say that it is up to us to identify with the white Light; for the completion of our correction, the attainment of wholeness, is to be like the Light when there were no letters on it yet, meaning to be like the Light that exists on the level of GAR de Bina (Hochma, Keter), which is the GAR de Partzuf.

The letters are differentiated according to colors, sizes, and additional characteristics. So the Light in the world of Beria is red and in the world of Yetzira, green, and in the world of Assiya, black.

To be like the white Light, to become equivalent to it according to its characteristics, it is up to us to transform all twenty-two letters with all the combinations possible between them into full equivalence with the Upper Light. And then all the black, green, red, and white letters are transformed into clarity, like the Light in the world of Infinity.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/7/14

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  1. I feel parallels to Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” from “The Republic” – Can you elaborate on the differences between this article and that writing? Lovely work by the way. Kind of a “read between the lines” approach.

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