13% Of The Youth In Europe Are Not Working Or Studying

laitman_926_01From the News (ru.investing.com): “Information from the International Labor Organization: The youth of today are living with a feeling of uncertainty about the future. They have little hope and chance of prosperity. In Europe, 12.7% of the youth are not working or studying. There is a worrying trend in the world towards an expanding inequality between nations and within the nations themselves.

“Today 1% of the population of the world are the richest citizens and have the same level of income available to 3.5 billion of the poorest people.

“On the other hand, the social security systems that are well-calculated can cause an increase in the income of the population and its internal consumption for development of human capital and production. However, to our great sorrow, as indicated by information from the International Labor Organization, today 76% of the general population of the world lives without social support and adequate security.”

My Comment: Governments will have no choice but to provide the required products and services for the entire population, the working and the unemployed. While this will not eliminate the deterioration of the population, it may lead to the awareness of the necessity for Integral Education. Otherwise, it will arouse conflicts that are liable to push towards civil or world wars.

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