A Contract With The Creator On His Terms

laitman_551_0Question: Why does Baal HaSulam write in the article, ”Introduction to the Book, Panim Meirot uMasbirot,” that in our generation we will no longer fear an indecent student, who will take the wisdom of the Kabbalah and sell the materials in the market to many people, but they won’t find buyers for this merchandise, as in their eyes, they have already had enough of it?

Answer: After all, you see how difficult it is to disseminate the wisdom of Kabbalah. Do people snatch up books of Kabbalah from our hands?  Even for free it is difficult to distribute them. If we were to distribute colorful pamphlets, they would willingly take them and would even pay for them. People are willing to travel distances in order to pray on the graves of the holy ones, but they aren’t able to invest a little time to study in order to understand the internality of what those holy ones wrote.

To sell the wisdom of Kabbalah in the market is called searching for ways to profit from what belongs to holiness. Selling blessings, red strings, etc., means behaving according to the desires of the market and not according to truth, for example, instead of giving morning lessons according to authentic texts, giving evening lectures for the public to talk about mysticism, about reincarnation, about the influence of the moon and magical powers of man.

Question: But we also disseminate the wisdom of Kabbalah and make it compatible for the public?

Answer: When we go out to the public, we must adjust ourselves to their desires, otherwise there won’t be contact between us. But this is not to say that we cheat people and sell them lies. We are speaking here of lowering the level, like for a child. After all, you don’t lie to a child, you only want to teach him. Therefore you lower yourself and begin to teach him bit by bit. That is something else. It is called, “educating according to the way of the youth.”

By disseminating are we telling them something that is not true? It is true that we choose interesting things in order to attract people, but in our explanations, there is nothing that is not correct. We teach spiritual subjects that have no connection to corporeality. And if it isn’t connected to corporeal life, then no one is interested in it!

The material of creation is desire, and if a person has no need for spirituality, then it is impossible to interest him. He has no Kli (vessel, desire), thus there is no place for the revelation of the Creator. A place is a deficiency. One must clarify what a person’s real deficiency is, what his needs are, and with that reach out to him. People want money, security, and education. One must reach out to them according to these subjects.

It doesn’t matter in what way the Creator presents our problem. I must work according to the conditions that He gave me. For me, these are the best and most optimal conditions to attain the goal. That is the main point. I accept, as given, that the Creator created these conditions for me. If I begin to work in the factory, I don’t complain to the boss about why he didn’t set up work conditions for me according to the way I want them and why the factory wasn’t built on the beach. I come to work and accept all the conditions and agree to the salary.

Thus, it is not important if the dissemination progresses with more difficulty or ease. I only need to accept the field of work in a more correct manner. I need to clarify the deficiencies in a more correct manner, find a better system in order to turn to people, to correct, to adjust, and to change myself in order to approach this task in a better way. This is the only thing I need to worry about: to accept all the data and to adjust myself to them.

The moment I succeed in adjusting myself to people, a connection is immediately created between us, like between a plug and socket.  Suddenly I discover that I am exactly suitable for the task before me. The only problem is with me, in that I don’t adjust myself to the world, to the nation, or to the conditions. There are no stupid, hopeless students, but only teachers who are not trained enough.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/12/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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