“Their Voices Will Be Heard”

laitman_962.1Spirituality can only be attained in the connection between us. It is not that easy to accept and it is not very pleasant because it is completely against our nature. The further humanity develops from generation to generation, over thousands of years, the more egoistic we become. This can be clearly seen in the transformations of human society, which began with tribal clans, then transformed into villages, which then grew into big cities and countries.

Connection is a very difficult topic, but it defines all the differences between us and the spiritual world. The main problem is our belief that we can connect. But we cannot connect because we are one hundred percent egoistic.

First of all, we must remember that we cannot connect, let alone love one another. This is completely against our nature. Let’s be realistic: we are capable only of hatred. All the rest are just beautiful games, like in kindergarten. Yet, we are inverting this game into a very serious one. Playing like good children and realizing that we are not and that in fact no one loves his friends and does not want to get closer to them, we are hoping for the only remedy—the reforming light.

We do not want to connect, and we clearly understand it. However, if we nevertheless try to connect, then we ask for the force of correction, the reforming light. We are not innocent children, but evil egoists, and we come to the group not to embrace each other, but to attain spirituality. Otherwise life will end in vain. Therefore, all our actions in the group, during workshops and in dissemination, have only one goal—to attract the reforming light. And the light will do all the work.

We do everything we can and the Creator will finish everything the way it should be; He will even correct everything that we have spoiled. The main thing is for us to try and reach a true request. We do not deceive ourselves. We do not want to connect. However, at the same time, we understand that there is no other way. In this global world everything is interconnected: inanimate nature, plants, and animals. Only man, the last degree, falls out of the general symbiosis and acts in an opposite way.

In order to correctly connect with others, we need the force of nature. This force cut us off from the rest of the levels and from each other. Now we must demand this force to reconnect us. Therefore, we try to talk nicely to each other and understand that this is a prayer, a request, that will help us egoists be corrected by this force.

The tens, the groups, and the workshops are very serious work against our animalistic egoism. We do not want to get closer to each other, but there is no choice: humanity must restore nature, which is completely integral and perfectly connected. Only man spoils everything; therefore, we are obliged to connect with each other and all other levels of nature.

I feel that I do not want to connect with anyone, but at the same time, I acknowledge that I must be connected with everyone, and therefore, I demand the reforming light.

It is written that “Israel will not be redeemed by sorrow, nor by bondage, nor out of their wonderings or madness and not through pressures or lack of food.” No heroic efforts in this world can help to attain the meaning of life and achieve eternity, but only “by ten people sitting together” and speaking about unification. They understand that there is no connection between them and according to their own forces cannot be; they ask the force to come and connect them. “Thus, their voices will be heard.”1
From Lesson 2, Latin America Convention 2019 “Building A Future Society” “Day Two” 5/18/19, The Work in the Ten
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